Wednesday, June 30, 2010

More prep on the wheat field

Our tractor is still down. This has been frustrating a lot of our farming efforts, everything from filling the strawberry beds to re-disking the triangle pasture to prep it for wheat.

We don't want to spread poison on the pasture where we plan to plant wheat, so the best way to control the weeds and grasses is to keep turning over the soil. Hard to do without a tractor! This is what the field looked like yesterday morning.

Some kind friends actually drove their brand-spanking new tractor over to our house yesterday. We hooked up the disker and my husband re-disked the pasture. Whoo-hoo!

First pass.

This tractor has all the bells and whistles including - no kidding - cruise control. "Hey, I need one of these!"

After. Much improved!

Thanks, Mike and Judy!



  1. Disker-tech!

    Stayin' Alive
    Stayin' Alive.......

    Bill "Tony Manero" Smith

  2. What a blessing to have friends like that!

  3. Now you are in serious jeopardy of having another payment to make because I'll bet Don is thinking(even if he will not admit it).DAMB! This is pretty nice! The old unit can do it too but this is what happens when you get your hands on newer stuff.