Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Want to see a truly spellbinding performance?

This is a gymnastic group called Spellbound which performed on Britain's Got Talent. Their name is apt - it is a truly astounding performance.


  1. Very impressive! The level of trust those kids (and adults) have in each other is astounding! Love that they used Carmina Burana also, it's one of my favorites and holds many happy memories for me.


    P.S. I always comment as Anonymous because I do not have any of the other identifying accounts and do not want to sign up for any. I'm still trying to get rid of Facebook! :)

  2. Holy Rollies, Batman! I'd never seen those kids, and — just whoa. A little late to the party, I guess. It's nine and a half months later. Heh.

    Melody, to comment here I just choose name/url from the dropdown menu, then type in a nickname I chose for commenting on this blog. There's no account you have to sign up for. Er, if you're still somewhere around here. Nine and a half months later.