Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Another column is up!

I've got a new column up on called "Sex and the Country." Go take a look!


  1. Great article but I thought it hilarious that there was a dating service being advertised down the side bar. Too funny in a sick sorta way!

  2. Sex and the City - a foursome of upwardly mobile women who thought they were in control. HAH! These are the type of women most men dream about - easy and able to pay for their own dinners. The TV show was such a slap in the face to women that I don't know who watched it except pre-teen girls, which is a frightening thought.

    Yeah, OK, I watched it once or twice, but just for research so I could write this comment. LOL

    Your column at RegularGuy was right on the mark.

  3. Of course feminists would defend it, it appears to be trashy. It demoralizes women and moves them farther and farther away from the family/home/mother roles. Which is their ultimate goal. How DARE you stay at home and raise your girls to be good mothers and (gasp) love those positions.

    You are a sacrilegious monster Patrice Lewis, don't you know that by raising your daughters that way, you are taking the women of the world back into the stone age where women were subservient to men and had to depend on them. Don't you know the damage that you are doing to women every where? You should be ashamed!!!

    But I am so glad and VERY, VERY thankful that you are not. HE HE HE
    Have a GREAT day.

    P.S. I have never watched it either, I would much rather do something much more enlightening, like being kicked by my mule.