Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Roll call for cows

On Monday we had a sunny break from the cold nasty spring weather we've been having, so I went out to check the beasties.

Matilda nursing Pearly.

Peaceable kingdom...

I decided to check on our newest calf, Nebuchadnezzar. Peekaboo...

Mama Jet is being watchful. (With good reason. We lassoed Nebuchadnezzar today with the help of a neighbor, and castrated him using an emasculator which slips a tight rubber band over the testicles. Jet was not amused. Neither, I suspect, was Nebuchadnezzar.)

I thought this picture turned out quite well.

Lunch time!

Here's Smokey, Ruby's calf.

Pearly, Matilda's calf...

Nix, who belongs to Ebony...

And here's the culprit behind all the calves being born lately.

(My neighbor calls this "farm yard porn.")


  1. An emasculator, that is so perfectly literal.

  2. ooooh i love those sister in law keeps a green log book where she records her cows births, names, and deaths/sales..a few years ago her cow "elvira" who was 25 yrs. old disappeard..we figured she went off to die. anyway, not long afterward her neighbor came up the hill to report that elvira and her newborn were in his barn and doing just fine. old elvira did eventually meet her maker, but she was a fine old cow. caryn

  3. Funny, I thought that's what you called a Feminist! :)