Thursday, June 10, 2010

Rural chic

I have a new column posted on called Rural Chic. Come take a look!


  1. Delightful and well written as usual, Patrice. My only complaint might be that it didn't come with a 'don't read and drink' advisory...I burst out laughing and almost blew mint tea out my nose and all over the screen and keyboard before I could get myself under control.
    C'mon...let's try one of those chicken wire dresses...they'd be so spring we could go as topiaries! And just think of the holiday season possibilities!

    Congrats on another great writing gig! You go girl!

    A McSp

  2. check out the blog New Dress A Day...this young lady challenged herself to making a new clothing item every day for a year spending only $1.00 per day....she is about 2/3 of the year thru and is doing a really bang-up this old rural gal some ideas on how to frugally redo the old wardrobe collection on the cheap.

  3. Wow. Just wow. I feel the need to sew some useful clothes now.

  4. Fun column, Patrice. My favorite new quote: "hasty mending with duct tape." Now THAT is Rural Chic of the highest order. Jennifer

  5. Anonymous--Thanks for the post about "New Dress A Day!" That girl is awesome! What an interesting project.

    Patrice--Great column as usual. Perhaps one day, fashion and farming can peacefully coexist. :)