Friday, June 25, 2010

A little grim humor

BP's Final Attempt....


  1. Have you seen some of the booms they've used in the Gulf? They look like giant orange tampons tied end-to-end. I wonder if a woman holds the patent on them. LOL

    Anonymous Twit

  2. Where do you think that we should put a couple of million people if this thing becomes a full tilt disaster? One big storm comes in and everybody needs to be prepared to move. The victims can laugh all the way to their vehicles as they leave their lifes work and possessions behind.

  3. Funny. Tasteless, but funny. ; )

  4. MMm, Lloyd a storm will not make it any worse than it is now. Salt water is worse than oil would be on the fruit trees and truck crops in South LA. Crude starts to break down immed. espec. in warm water and sunlight.
    Local fishing is closed but western gulf is open. Fuel costs and additional berthing cause the loss of profits if fishing too far from home base.
    Lorenzo Poe

  5. I stand corrected Mr. Poe. Nobody can be certain what would happen in the event of a huge storm stirring this pot of bad soup. My comment was a bit emotional because I have family down there being affected by this. I just hope they don't have to stop what they are doing to ride out a storm.