Saturday, June 26, 2010

More random pix

Nebuchadnezzar, Smokey, and Pearly munch on the weeds I throw over the garden fence.


Who doesn't enjoy a good backscratch?

Found this guy in the garden yesterday. I'm not savvy enough about snakes to tell you what species it is.

UPDATE: A neighbor's oldest daughter reports it's a garter snake.

I found a home for my set of Harvard Classics! There's a weird odd nook (and believe me, our house is full of weird odd nooks) behind the magazine shelf into which the set fits quite nicely.

Behind this wall is my office, located in a weird odd nook half-way down the stairs.

Don decided to tackle the grass jungle. The only option is a weedwacker and a scythe. He started with the weedwacker on the shorter portions of grass.

Major enjoys a little "quality" time with Don.

This is what the lawn looked like after he'd weedwacked the shorter portions. He had to scythe the rest of the grass because it was too tall for the weedwacker to handle (off to the left-hand side, out of picture range). Notice the lawnmower, finally rescued from the jungle of grass which had buried it?

1 comment:

  1. Good man.

    My big guy picked up the new parts for our little tractor yesterday with big plans to get them installed today and get to mowing....and we woke up to rain this morning.

    Otay. least the collard greens and the berry vines are happy.

    Maybe I do need a herd of goats.

    A. McSp