Sunday, June 13, 2010

Survival cookies

We were having tea with our friend Enola Gay last week, and she had a platter of cookies on the table. Older Daughter, enjoying tea with us, took a cookie...and just about went ballistic over the taste. Enola called them "survival cookies" because they can be made entirely from storable ingredients - nothing fresh.

Older Daughter has been begging Enola for the recipe ever since. Enola kindly posted the recipe on her blog, so today I made a batch at Older Daughter's request (well...more like a plea). I won't post the recipe since Enola has it on her blog.

It's a messy, messy dough. Be liberal in the use of flour on the cutting board.

Rolled thin and cut with a cookie cutter (well, an upside down tumbler).

A dollop of fruit preserves (raspberry in this case):

Sandwiched over with another cookie cutout:

Lydia lies faithfully at my feet while I work (just in case I drop something, don'cha know):

Enola's recipe called for 8 to 10 minutes at 350F, but it took me about 15 minutes per batch:

I doubled the batch so we got quite a few!

These are hearty, filling cookies. Nothing light and fluffy about them! One is plenty for a snack.


  1. Enola Gay, huh? I get it! Perhaps she could name her cookies something like "Bombs Away" or "Megatons of Fun" or "Survive This!" Seriously, they look good and I'll mosey over to her site so I can get the recipe. The fact that they require no fresh ingredients definitely makes her cookies worthy of printing and pasting.

  2. So, your Lydia is a 'crummy' dog like my Archie. If there is a stray crumb, he'll find it.
    The cookies look good, but, I'm off sugar. Oh well, just my luck.

  3. These look wonderful!! Thanks for sharing. I'm gonna check out her recipe right now ;)

  4. Sweet Patrice, the link to the cookie recipe does not work...and I want that recipe. Thanks.

  5. The website for the recipe for the survival cookies has changed to


  6. Hello there! Just found you here and loving your blog.
    Your sweet lydia looks a bit like our dear Elle - is Lydia also a mixed Great Pyrennes?

    Learning so much here. Thank you!

    1. Welcome, Eileen! Lydia is actually a purebred Pyrenees. Here's a link about her:
      ...and if you read some of the linked blog posts you can follow a bit of her history.

      Glad you found our blog!

      - Patrice

  7. I was sad that the link was gone again, but then I found it by searching! For any other desperate cookie lovers: