Monday, June 14, 2010

Random pix

Random pix from the last couple of weeks.

I have a small collection of those large pretty glass gems you sometimes see. They've been in a bowl in my office collecting dust. So I washed them clean and put them on the windowsill in the sun - pretty!

Chickens picking through some old rice I threw out for them.

Attention from my dad.

What a life.

Cute ear ribbons made by a friend. Lydia doesn't think much of them.

Someone gave us one of those pink flowered leis.

Lydia didn't think much of this either.

Chickens curious about a human barn.

A morning of rare spring beauty. I say "rare" because it's been a nasty rainy chilly spring.

This is a better example of what the spring has been like. Notice the nifty beam coming from the clouds?

Taking over Younger Daughter's bed. Shameless.


  1. From the sound of things, your weather has been nastier than ours (Alaska - of all places!) We've had a dry spring with 95 active wildfires across the state. This week is the first rain we've had locally since breakup (and it's hard to call it 'rain'.)

    Lydia continues to charm, as usual. Did she bury that lei?

    What about 'ol Major? Doesn't he get any face time?

    Steve Davis
    Anchorage, Alaska

  2. Yeah, poor Major doesn't get as much face time 'cuz frankly he's not overly photogenic. And while I'm unquestionably fonder of Lydia than of Major, I'll point out that Major is a pound dog we rescued a few years ago after living in the pound for about six months (they found him wandering in a school year). This dog gets his belly and ears scratched, he sleeps on the couch, he curls around the woodstove during winter (he's extremely fond of heat), and otherwise lives the life of Riley. So while I don't take as many pix of Major, he's by no means neglected. We (ahem) tend to spoil our beasties.

    And no, the lei isn't buried. Yet.

    - Patrice