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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Scything grass

The tractor is still down. This means we can't hook up the mower and mow down any weed-infested spots, like our side yard (where the weeds are topping out at shoulder height in some places). So today Don sharpened the scythe and got to work.


  1. I once dated a woman who kept a horse at a horse barn. I was waiting for her one day, and watching this guy trying to mor 2 - 3 foor high grass on a little 45 deg. angle side hill with a gasoline weed whacker. It'd stall about every 30 sec. or so, and he'd laboriously pull out the grass, and start it up again, all the while a real scythe was hanging as decoration on the wall in the barn office / club room!!He could have done the whole job with the scythe in half the time he spent just clearing the weed whacker!

    Bill Smith

  2. if your going to spend all that time denying nature, perhaps you might cook the harvest weeds

  3. The weather hasn't deterred the weeds, but the corn won't grow. Now that's irony!

  4. I really enjoyed this post! This has been something I have been keeping my eye out to get. Did you find yours as an antique or new? Recently picked up a two man saw at a yard sale. Brought it home and told my two sons, ages 14 and 12 (who think they are men, not boys) I got a new saw at a yard sale. My 14 year old said "I sure hope it's not some off brand saw like a Poulan." I said, Yes it is a "Pulling" saw with one of you on one end and the other "pulling" to make it work. They really enjoyed the joke and cut up a few logs with it. It was fun to see them work together to make it happen, and a great real life homeschool history lesson!

  5. There's something to be said for a hard-working man. Somehow they get more handsome with a dangerous tool in hand. Now all he needs is a kilt! LOL
    Don't you have automatic grass removal devices? (cows and goats) I'm a city kid, so I assumed you could just tie your grass eaters in different areas and let them do the work.

  6. We bought the scythe new from Lehman's (lehmans.com) many years ago. It's been a surprisingly useful tool.

    And yes, I agree that working men ARE sexy. There's something about a man in overalls that... well, let's just say that I like. Though my dear husband *does* have a kilt and looks just as sexy in that, hee hee.

    We have LOTS of "grass removal devices" (cows) but this particular area is actually in our yard. If we let the cows in, the dogs would have to stay in the house since the two species aren't compatible. Besides, we have enough dog poop in our yard as it is. I don't want cow poop as well.

  7. You may find the below guide on the use of the American scythe useful. :)