Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Farming for Dummies

I have a new article up at! Come on over to see my perspective of the online game FarmVille in a column entitled "Farming for Dummies."


  1. Great article, Patrice. I shared it on my face book:).

  2. I'm right there with you on the farm. Except I milk a goat instead of a cow - with a one-year-old son in tow. However, I do play farmville - for the thrill of the shear unrealisticness of it. I mean, where in real life can I milk a goat with one click of a mouse?

  3. loved the article!! I, too, have enough of milking the real goats and dealing with tractors that don't work when you need them. Don't understand the attraction of the game. Posted this on my facebook for all my friends who do play!! Love your blog!

  4. I'm confused about the comment at the bottom - "beware - contains ugly words."

    What, like poop, sheesh, freakin' and darned? Cowpies?

    Yep, them's ugly words, alright.

    I tried the game, but it's just not as satisfying as digging in the dirt, gettin' a sunburn and worryin' over the rain (it's too much, it's too little, it never seems to be just the right amount, does it?)

    I enjoy your articles and your blog. I hope some day that my husband will change his mind about having chickens (DH - "We're not getting chickens."
    Me - "Why not?"
    DH - "Because this is my freakin' back yard, not a farm.")

    Well, he changed his mind about the garden, then he changed his mind about the mini orchard, so who's to say he won't change his mind about the chickens? Then, I'll start working on his attitude towards goats. :)

    Thanks for writing,


  5. Now isn't that interesting, Melody - that my "Farming for Dummies" article contains "ugly words." I hadn't noticed that comment until you pointed it out.

    Hmmm - maybe the comment was left by a city slicker who can't handle the thought of manure, perhaps?

    (Good luck on the chickens.)

    - Patrice

  6. I have a lot of friends who play this game, and am full up on facebook with invitations and "farmville" gifts. I even sent some virtual doggie biscuits to a friend, but NO MORE. I just don't have time for such foolishness. It also clogs up my facebook all the time. I don't even go on facebook much anymore because that's all there is there. What's the use. We have chickens and ducks and a veggie garden and live on land we cleared ourselves and I know about mites in the chicken coop and dogs hit by trucks that have to be nursed back to health while trying to snap your fingers off. I know about weeds and tomato blight and too much rain and frost too early or too late.

    I can plant and water, but I can't bring the increase... that's entirely in God's hand and it is not a matter of the click of a "mouse".