Saturday, June 19, 2010

Random pix

On Thursday it rained the blessed day long. Lydia looked like a very muddy drowned rat.

So I tied her up and literally hosed her down. She hated it! You'd think it was pure torture!

Yesterday she'd fluffed up enough that I got this much fur out of ten minutes' brushing.

The pallet fort Younger Daughter and her friend started a few weeks ago has grown to something like five rooms and a front porch. They found a cache of items a thrift store was throwing away, and harvested a bunch o' stuff for their fort. It's quite luxurious inside!

Here they've started a campfire (with a sheet of tin braced behind it to cut the wind) and are cooking dinner.


  1. That fire is awfully close to all that straw. Seems policing the perimeter is due. I live in forest fire area and fire operations security can't be taught too young.
    I see, though, that like a good Mama, you are right there with them.

  2. Actually, the ground was so wet nothing could catch fire. One of the reasons they were allowed a campfire.

  3. Plus country kids tend to know a little more about fire than most city adults, especially when they grow up with wood stoves and heaters.