Friday, June 18, 2010

Losing mojo


Last week one of our roosters lost his mojo.

Remember mojo from the Austin Powers movies? I suppose it could loosely be defined as one's virility. Well, whatever it was, our rooster lost it.

Rather than strutting around the barnyard, he was drooping in a corner. Rather than nabbing the hens, he was hiding from the other rooster. I've seen this before. When a rooster loses his mojo, he loses the will to live.

He took to roosting in places besides the chicken coop, always a dangerous prospect. Sure enough, yesterday morning when I woke up I heard crows cawing from behind the barn. When I went to release the chickens, I found his carcass outside the corral, doubtless picked off by a coyote. He had been dragged from one of the barn stalls so hard that he was practically plucked.

Feathers in the stall:

Feathers all across the corral:

What's left. I don't know why the coyote didn't carry him off, but at least the crows were enjoying a feast.

Now we're down to one rooster. If one of our chicks doesn't turn out to be a rooster - still a bit early to tell - we may advertise to pick up a surplus rooster somewhere.


  1. Holy moly that's a tough way to go.

  2. No Viagra for roosters. Poor old guy.

  3. Debbie in GarfieldJune 19, 2010 at 9:28 AM

    Found you some freebies
    If I didn't already have a rooster I would nab one.

  4. LOL - thanks, Debbie! But we're going to wait until our peepers get bigger to see if there's a rooster in the bunch. Another couple months should let us know, possibly sooner.

    - Patrice

  5. Poor Mojo.....may he reast in peace. :(

  6. You need Ol' Roy:

    A farmer bought a new stud rooster named Roy. As soon as the farmer released him, Roy went to work. With boundless energy, Roy chased all the hens around the yard until he had nailed every one at least twice. When he was finished there he took to chasing the dogs, cats, cows - anything that moved.

    The next day the farmer noticed vultures circling overhead. Concerned, he ran out to the barnyard to find Roy dead on the ground.

    Tearfully he knelt by the body and cried, "Oh Roy! Why'd you have to die? You were the best dang rooster I've ever had!"

    At that point Roy lifted up his head and said "Quiet you fool! I almost got 'em to land!"

    Steve Davis
    Anchorage, Alaska