Friday, June 18, 2010

Way cool success story

Don't you love success stories? Consider the Urban Prep Charter Academy in Chicago. Drawing its students from some of the toughest parts of Chicago, this school has sent one hundred percent of its graduates to college.

This is a classic example of how academic competition, high expectations, and personal responsibility can make all the difference in the world.

Kudos to this academy!


  1. Wonderful story.

    Does anyone remember a story from 10-12 years ago about a black father of 5 daughters who set a goal that all would be doctors? He knew that if they followed the path of their peers, they would be pregnant teens and going nowhere fast. So he gave them musical training and they performed to raise money for college and med school. Anyway, 3 of the 5 were doctors, one was a nurse, and one a teacher. They all succeeded in life. Wish I could read the complete story again.

  2. I am proud of young people who come from disadvantage that make it good. Very proud. I am also in awe of those who can lead them to it! Congratulations to those students, and their instructors. They must be very dedicated to succeed so well against such odds.


  3. tiarosa, here's the rest of the story.

    I hope these young men will maintain their dedication to learning, even if they don't go on to college.

  4. Awesome and inspiring.

    Thanks Tiarosa, for the link.

    Steve Davis
    Anchorage, Alaska