Wednesday, June 16, 2010

What's wrong with this picture?

It's June 16.

It's eight degrees above freezing.

We have the woodstove going.

What's wrong with this picture?

Where the hell is the global warming when we need it? After two brief and glorious days of sunshine, we're back to cold temps, wind, and rain. I planted our corn a month ago (during a brief warm spell I foolishly thought would continue). Right now I have a few spears of corn that are maybe, maybe two inches high. That's it.

Literally nothing else is growing in the garden. It's almost entirely planted (I still have the broccoli, lettuce, and herbs in the greenhouse) but zip, zilch, nada has poked its head above ground. Can't blame it, the soil is as cold as mid-March.



  1. Wish we had some of that. We've been flirting with 100 degrees every day since Sunday. This is not normal, even for our state.

  2. Wow that sucks. I lost my first corn planting and a ton of other stuff to the colder than normal temps and the torrential rains. The rains have been going on for the last few years that I am thinking of them as normal now.

    I haven't had to burn my stove since March but the ground didn't warm up enough for corn and such until almost June here as well. Thats about a month and a half late.

  3. God bless ya Patrice! It was 102 here in south Georgia yesterday. My corn is baking and yours is freezing. Hang in there!

  4. stopped most growing but citrus in the deserts 110 may to oct heats

  5. Our December was very Spring-like. Our May was very much like a typical December. It all balances out. Admittedly, it's nice when we can rely on weather patterns, but we are not in control. Fresh corn in November might not be so bad. LOL

  6. Save the Canning JarsJune 16, 2010 at 1:47 PM

    8 weeks ago, the neighboring land was sprayed with Round UP and corn was planted. The Okla. wind swept the Round UP over my potatoes and stunted them. They never grew beyond golf ball size and plants struggled to survive. When the local extension service said they were poisoned (as Round UP is systemic and goes to the root and these are a root crop) and I could not eat ANY of the crop, I wanted to cry. Now I have to harvest and throw away all the potatoes from 260 plus plants (planted a full 50 lbs of seed potatoes). How ironic that someone who does not spray chemicals loses the crop to chemical spray.
    I won 2nd in potatoes at the fair last year...but not this year.

    I hunted down the owner of the land, who leased the field, who subleased to someone else. No offers to compensate my losses.

    Owner said something amazing, "Oh, they won't spray the field again because I've got all that land sold (I'm in town and he is referring to about 40 plus acres). He won't say what is coming but he is so excited. Only the government has money, so
    I suspect it will be the new county jail that officials are screaming for (according to the newspaper).
    So was it worth losing my potato crop to find out something is coming and I better MOVE to the country? Absolutely. If I wait to see with my own eyes what is going to be built...then I've waited too late.

  7. The planet is due for another ice age, perhaps it will start getting progressively cooler year after year from here in.
    This is an interesting book on it 'Not By Fire But By Ice' by Robert Felix.

  8. We had a 100 degree's here in sunny 'Paradise.
    I wish I could send some heat up to you.

    How is this kind of cold going to affect the farmers in your area?