Wednesday, February 16, 2011

(singing) I'm sorrrrry, so sorrrrry....please accept my apologeeee....

Remember the Brenda Lee song I'm Sorry? Well, that's how I feel about the tons of unanswered emails I have piled up in my inbox. I'm up to about a hundred emails a day (a lot of spam, a lot of generic announcements, as well as a lot of personal emails), and in the last week I've been overwhelmed by farm duties, writing obligations, blog updates, schoolwork, run-around stuff (music and sports), household obligations, and all the other things your typical rural housewife deals with.

Right after posting this, I'm off. Music, animal shelter, a homeschooling group meeting, a family workout at the local health club, dinner...I probably won't have a chance to sit down at my computer again until about 8 pm tonight - when I'll have another eighty or ninety emails to download!

So for all the kind, concerned, helpful folks who took the time to send me an email, please accept my apology for not replying! Yet! I'll get to them eventually, but meanwhile I don't want anyone thinking I'm brushing them off or refusing to reply.


  1. Patrice, you've got a life and you have your priorities straight. I've been a little slow on the blogging myself as I have two orders for my chairs, plus the important family obligations. Enjoy your visit to the 'big city'.

  2. Family first then followers!

  3. Hey, how about, Younger Secretary and Older Secretary? Just to sort everything into folders as best they can: spam, personal, etc. Make a few extra bucks. (Though, if they've been listening to folks they'll probably insist on being paid in gold. :)) Do you get much that is inappropriate for them? (I sure hope not.)

  4. See whatcha get for bein' so dang popular?? lol


  5. Sometimes it's hard to fathom just how big and wide the internet really is, and how time consuming that bigness translates into....BUT being swamped with "talking" is a good thing, means people are paying attention ;)