Sunday, February 27, 2011

An award!

We here at Rural Revolution are proud and humbled to have been named a recipient of the coveted Stylish Blogger Award from the Big Kahuna of preparedness sites,

Now normally I'm always willing to avoid looking a gift horse in the mouth. But given the interesting name of this award, I was unable to resist doing a bit of research on it's origination. After many exhaustive minutes of investigation and over three pages of Google search results, I was (before I lost interest completely) able to trace the award back at least as far as a blog entitled "Missy Sassy Pants" who gave the award to another blog called "Delicious in Pink" in July of 2010. After careful perusal, I can certainly attest to the fact that both of these blogs are "stylish" although surprisingly neither blog dealt with the burning issues of this year's new BDU styles or the proper application of designer camo face paints.

Be that as it may, we here at Rural Revolution are truly honored that the folks at SurvivalBlog thought highly enough of us as to include us in their list of recipients. But receiving this award also comes with certain obligations. The recipient is required to post seven little known facts about the blog author as well as to pass the award along to 15 other recipients. (Interestingly, back in July of 2010 it was only five facts and five other recipients. Another prime example of runaway inflation.)

So since Patrice is still a little shaky from her recent bout with the flu, she unwisely allowed me to fulfill these requirements. (Actually I asked her if she wanted me to do this late last night while she was experiencing a fever-dream. I took "No! Not avocado!" as an affirmative.)

So without further ado, here are some little known facts about Patrice:

1. Rural Revolution is in fact a wholly owned subsidiary of Dow-Corning Int. Inc.

2. "Patrice" is actually a staff of five writers previously responsible for the popular TV programs "Little House on the Prairie" and, surprisingly, "Green Acres."

3. The picture of Patrice found on the blog was created using over 4000 separate pictures of other female self-sufficiency authors, all ran through a sophisticated morphing program to provide for the optimal visual attributes of integrity and honesty. (Separate bits of June Lockhart, Barbara Stanwyck, and Ma Kettle were added to provide a "country" overlay.)

4. All of Patrice's livestock are animatronic.

5. Many of Patrice's posts are actually penned by James Wesley, Rawles who occasionally feels the need to get in touch with his feminine side.

6. Much of the scenery shown on Rural Revolution was shot at Pinewood Studios in Buckinghamshire, England. Recent snow photos required over 200,000 pounds of refined sugar.

7. The part of Patrice's husband is played by an actor suitably made up to increase his inadequate rugged good looks and sex appeal.

Don without makeup

Now as to those blogs we would like to honor with this award (in no particular order so don't get in a snit):

1. Bacon and Eggs

2. Preparing Your Family

3. The Survival Mom

4. Small Holding

5. LAF/Beautiful Womanhood

6. The Last Frontier

7. Gonzalo Lira (One of my choices)

8. Salt Creek Life

9. Old Lightning

10. The View From North Central Idaho

11. The Deliberate Agrarian

12. Hoof 'n Barrel

13. Total Survivalist Libertarian Rantfest

14. Amy's Humble Musings

15. Off Grid Survival - Wilderness & Urban Survival Skills

And a bonus because they're the best!
Paratus Familia
(So Mr. Rawles won't come after me for the feminine crack.)


  1. Don,
    As we are literally hours away from beginning my soldier's year-long deployment, I am in serious need of a reason to smile. Not only did I smile, but again, I laughed out loud!

    Thank you, thank you, thank you!

  2. I sorry but we will not support anything owned by Dow Corning since my wife's implants went bad.
    I never liked Dave Barry either.

    Jack in Philadelphia

  3. Sorry Jack in PA. I also dislike Dave Barry. I hope you will someday find peace on this and not go on grinding an axe that has been ground to a nub. You and your wife will be better served by moving on. That happened quite a long time back as I recall.

  4. Don, I just knew you were Harrison Ford's stand in all along!

    Patrice, You married a JEWEL!


  5. Well, I don't believe it. I have never seen animatronic livestock with an inverted teat.

    Hope the staff of five writers get well soon.


  6. Uh...Just so everyone knows. I'm not Dave Barry. And the blog isn't really owned by Dow-Corning.

    Hope this helps.

    Husband of the Boss

  7. Patrice! Get well soon before he gets you in real trouble! :-)
    Is he this funny all the time, or just for company?

  8. Gottcha HOB. I truely thought you was Barry undercover. My mistake. Can I have a pet rabbit now George?

  9. I don't care about Dow-corning (they make good dishes), so long as you can wield a whip and have a Wookie as your best friend.

    Thanks for the laugh. Perhaps you can hang that stylish award around Matilta'a neck.

  10. Separate bits of June Lockhart, Barbara Stanwyck, and Ma Kettle were added to provide a "country" overlay. NOW I get why I feel like I know "Patrice". Lol!

  11. Apparently the Slyish Blogger Award is very much like the Academy Awards - given by members of the group to other members of the group with much hoopla. So, which designer gown is Patrice wearing to the awards ceremony? Let me off-the-shoulder bib overall in camo by Carhartt? Purse by Maxpedition? Hair & makeup by Bag Balm? Jewelry by Leatherman & Paracord 550? Thought so!

    I knew about #2 and suspected #1. The truth always comes out.


    Anonymous Patriot

  12. Ah, more internet hoaxes revealed....who knew?....How funny we think we know whatsup, with our imaginations unchecked once the computer is turned on, only to find out it's nothing at all like that *lol-ing*

    Seriously, tho, I found some very cool blogs from both of these (here and on Survival Blog) so *two thumbs up* & congratulations to "whomever" Patrice (and Don) are......


  13. Thanks for tracking down the origins of the Stylish Blogger Award you can add "Internet Epidemiologist" to your resume. You found patient zero.

  14. Dude you better quit that funny stuff. You're not here to have a good time.

    snrk snrk snrk

    ...and Katie J: my prayers are with you, asking for God's Loving Hand of Protection and Guidance on your beloved soldier 24/7/365. May this be the fastest year of your life. My deepest thanks for your family's service and sacrifice. And how's that little boy? Better now? God bless you honey. You've got a mighty full plate right now. Sending you many hugs and good thoughts.


  15. Wait a minute! I think I have it all figured out now. Don looks like Harrison Ford, but is pretending to be the husband of a world famous blog writer. In truth, Patrice is his "pen" name. No wonder it took him so much preparation to get those good lookin' woman photos last week!

    Get better Patrice. Nice job Don. (or whoever you are!)

  16. LOL That was the best post ever.

    So ahhhh do I have to carry on the tradition now to 15 other blogs?


  17. Man oh man ,is the peanut gallery quick to jump all over this with good come backs. They just keep on rolling..... right over poor Don ( or is that Mr. Ford to you?)


  18. Oooooo my belly hurts! You're killin' me here!

    Best one yet Don!

    Steve Davis
    Anchorage, Alaska

  19. I also nominated you for the Stylish Blogger award, as you are one of my favorite bloggers. I don't think you need to all the "stuff" again, I just wanted you to know:).

    1. Thank and link back to the person who awarded you.
    2. Share 7 things about yourself.
    3. Award 15 recently discovered great bloggers.
    4. Contact these bloggers and tell them about the award.

  20. Don! I did not know that you have had one of those newfangled face transplants. I thought only the rightgeous Europeans had this monopoly. Well good luck with that Harrison Lewis. I hope the cattle will not be upset by your new appearance. I know they go more by voice.