Friday, February 25, 2011

Patient Update

Last night we moved the patient from the intensive care couch back to the managed care bedroom. First time I've slept with Patrice in 4 days. While still experiencing bouts of fever chill-sweat, her prognosis is good.

But enough about her. What about me?

My schedule:

(P) Those things Patrice usually does.
(D) Those thing I usually do.

Got up at 5am(P). Let the dogs out(P). Started the fire(P). Made my coffee(P). Drank my coffee(D). Suited up(P)

(Note: I can usually put my clothes on all by myself. Patrice hardly ever needs to help with the buttons and fortunately I own a pair of slip-on boots so the lace tying part is covered.)

Headed out into the 2 degree weather(P). Took three loads of hay by sled to the cattle trough(P). Released Matilda from stall(P). Chased the calf around in the muck trying and finally succeeding in getting his halter on(P). Got more hay for Matilda(P). Mucked out Matilda's stall(P). Dragged the muck to the compost pile(P). Filled the water troughs(P). Released the chickens(P). Got fresh water and food for the chickens(P).
Headed back to the house and re-stoked the fire(P). Finished coffee(D).

I'll stop there for now. As we can obviously see from the above, something is seriously wrong. No man should be forced to have his coffee drinking interrupted like this. I can so hardly wait until Patrice back to full capacity.

Me before Patrice got sick.

Me after Patrice got sick.


  1. What kind of sled do you use to haul hay? One you built? Sounds like a good idea.

  2. ROFLOL! At least you're a man who knows and appreciates the woman he has...I hope you can finish your coffee before the end of the day, Don.

    Patrice, I hope that you're feeling 100% soon...being down for the count is even worse for and independent woman who usually takes care of everyone else...=)

  3. Don, you've still got your sense of humor so things must be improving around the Lewis farm.

    Patrice, milk it for as long as possible. ;)

    Anonymous Patriot

  4. Thanks for the laugh Don! I needed that.


  5. Patrice needs to get some things straightened out around that farm!
    It should go more like:
    Wake up 5am (D),Let dogs out (D),Stoke fire(D), Fix breakfast (D), Eat breakfast in bed (P), Bubble bath(P), Deal with hay, cows, muck, etc.(D), Leisurely read emails and maybe start next article (P)....
    Well, you get the idea.... :)
    Glad Patrice is feeling better!

  6. I love the sled idea! I read it here in a previous blog and went out and got myself a cheap plastic kids toboggan to drag my bales of shavings and bags of chicken to and from my shed in the winter. Saves me a lot of effort. 50lbs here and 50lbs there, and pretty soon you are talking some real weight. ;-) Patrice, get well soon!!!
    God Bless,
    Janet in MA

  7. Pretty cute. Hope you're feeling a lot better soon, Patrice.

  8. LOL. That's so sweet. I bet Patrice's list would look a lot different :-). Thanks for entertaining us! Tell Patrice I continue to pray for her recovery. There has been some really nasty flu out there this year. Jennifer

  9. Too funny!!! Get well soon, Patrice. Hunka-hubby is going downhill fast!

    Phyllis (N/W Jersey)

  10. I love you all like you are my own family!You both crack me up. Your blog is often the highlight of my day. I'm praying for Patrice. I'm also wondering if you are the same Don Lewis that writes for Back Home magazine?? I like his humor, too.

  11. HAHAHAHAHAHahahahahahaha.
    (thinks about it some more)

  12. My husband feels your pain as he was in the same position last week when I was down with the flu too!

    Great pics!

  13. *laughing to much to think of a witty reply*

  14. Kinda reminds me of some folks' definition of a rancher: A cowboy whose wife works in town.

    Bill Smith

  15. I just read your post out loud to my husband.
    He half grinned and said, "Sounds like my weekend morning routine."

    I'll show him! I'll make NO coffee tomorrow morning!

    Patrice, Hoping and praying you're finally getting some nutrition in you and you are feeling


  16. LOL!!!

    Get well soon, Patrice.

  17. My husband and I laughed so hard over this post! This is hilarious. Thanks for the good, good laugh. Tears in my eyes, too. ROFLOLPIMP is putting it mildly.

  18. Very funny! Poor guy! Probably will need a trip to the guys day spa after Patrice is back to her usual self.

  19. That was great :)

    When I burst out with laughter, my 8-yr old daughter wanted to know what was so funny. I wasn't sure if she'd get it, but I read it to her anyway, showing her the (P) and (D) markings. And wouldn't you know it, SHE burst out laughing at the same spot as I did!

    You guys are already working on the next generation of readers - thanks!

  20. Absolutely love it!! How cute. And I love your "before" picture. Pretty handy with that Photoshop thingy, aren't you? :-) My dear, sweet hubby says you have too much time on your hands! Of course, he was laughing his head off. You two are just dears!!