Monday, February 28, 2011

Tomorrow is another day

Since I'm not nearly as recovered from this nasty flu as I think I should be, my mind still doesn't seem capable of wrapping itself around anything profound or significant in either the news or even in my reading material.

And in that regard, it appears I'm in excellent company. That's because I've been trolling around various fashion and makeup websites in the wake of Rural Revolution's Stylish Blogger Award.

I take as much interest in fashion and makeup as I do in golf and pro-wrestling (which is to say, none). So why, you may ask, do I care what's featured on these sites? It's because I look at them like a train wreck - can't help it. They're so utterly trivial, so useless, so dumb.

Yet the people who run these blogs and websites DO take these issues seriously. So seriously that it's apparently to the point of everything else. Makes me want to say, get a life!

To be fair, if a reader of one of these fashion or makeup blogs were to stumble upon my blog, she would no doubt be equally appalled. Milking cows? Shoveling manure? Yuck! How gross! Doesn't this woman have a life?

And I suppose I can't get down too hard on fashion and makeup sites. There's nothing illegal or immoral about them. They feed huge international industries that employ millions. And women have taken an interest in fashion and makeup since the dawn of civilization, so my sour grapes doesn't change that historical fact.

I guess my concern is when women become so obsessed with the shallow to the exclusion of the serious, it makes me concerned that they won't be able to handle anything BUT the shallow.

On the other hand, I suppose I shouldn't worry. Scarlet O'Hara started shallow and look how she pulled off handling a war.


  1. Tomorrow is another day....

    or another hammer toe depending on your choice in footwear.


  2. Ah yes, fashion. I can fashion a bracelet out of paracord. I can fashion an attractive canister out of an empty #10 can and some wallpaper border. But when it comes to high fashion or trends in fashion - I'm as out of touch as a union boss at a CPAC conference.

    A.McSp, you are so funny!!! Hammer toe!!!! Funny!!! I have screwdriver toes - the nails are so long I can tighten a flathead screw from 3 inches away.

    Anonymous Patriot

  3. How would I know about this if you didn't show me. I can't imagine anyone wearing this stuff.
    Can we stick with cows and dogs and chickens...?


  4. I'm not a fashionista either.

    I am however, very thankful for those patrons of makeup and toiletries though.

    The second largest employer in our county runs a world renown cosmetics and haircare products line factory. It also houses one of it's largest distribution warehouses here locally too.

    The largest employer here is a hospital.

    We lost the entirety of our textiles industry and with it went a hundred-thousand of jobs to cheap labor in
    Sri Lanka, South Vietnam, Egypt and Bangladesh.

    We cannot afford to lose any more Ag or large employment independent businesses.

    So please buy a Revlon product if you do wear makeup, color your hair, or use deodorant.


  5. You have a great blog and check you out everyday.

  6. Ugggh! That is horrible. God bless those crazy women. They would rather suffer from untold foot maladies than to ever admit that this is stupid. I repeat THIS IS STUPID. IT is NOT attractive. It is...what it is.

  7. Patrice, you guys are all fashionable, but just in a down-home, heck yeah I'm a farmer kind of way. Not that I need to say it, but stay true.


  8. Ever read about fashion in the Bible? Rebekah, Isaac's wife, had a nose ring. In Isaiah, the prophet mentions that the girls had chains between their feet with bells that rung as they "walked" along. I know make-up is mentioned a few times. Hmmm, there were a couple other things mentioned that I can't remember- sure wish I'd written those verses down.

  9. Those Shants (Phoes?) are awesome!

  10. Can you imagine busting a shoe lace on those crazy shoes in the 2nd pic? It would be an all day job, just to relace those stupid things.


  11. That is a good point mollo. Vanity is thousands of years old. The Bible also says,and I cannot give you the exact source. I know that it was in proverbs. It says and I quote..A beautiful woman with no discretion is like a gold ring in a pigs snout.

  12. A.P. Get your bad self up here girl and let's change the oil on my classic hot rod!


  13. The "green shoes" rock! haha Everyone should have a pair of those. Of course choosing between the plaid and green would be hard. :)

  14. This is about your latest post on WND. Marital Vows used to mean something. I am pretty sure that once upon a time people MEANT what they said under oath and in front of God and such. Of course you and Don have some rough times. We recently had a woman of devout religion stab her husband and daughter to death right before setting her house on fire and stabbing herself to death. That is hard core nuts !