Thursday, February 3, 2011

World map of snow

Here's a fascinating photo compilation that shows the Northern Hemisphere during the grip of the massive blizzard that moved across the U.S. Can you find where you live?

It's a grim reminder of how bad global warming has become.


  1. How'm I supposed to find where I live?

    It's buried under 8 storms worth of snow!!

    Bill Smith

  2. Oh, how funny your comment about global warming is....Yep, it is on its way to take over, that warming is...Been saying to people all along that they are being fooled by smooth talk and false studies on the subject...I almost felt like Jeremiah telling the Jews that they were going to be taken captive....
    Glad to see that God is still on the Throne and showing His might by the weather....Oh, foolish Galatians.....come back to the Lord Your God...

  3. You almost had me heading for the Drudge report to show you the two articles, one blaming the global warming for snow, one blaming global warming for NO snow.

  4. I hope all the environmentalists are having fun digging out from under their global warming. Here is Miss. we don't have anything to dig out from under.

  5. The low at our house in Tucson this morning was 14. The high yesterday and today are 39. Sub 20's expected again tonight. (Amazingly we're supposed to be back at 65 on Saturday!) We are one of 14,000 homes who have lost natural gas service, which means no heat. Well, not so much for us because we - wait for it! - were prepared for such an eventuality. But of course not many are. There are also a few limited power and water outages, all causing and complicating the other.

    Every single space heater in a metropolitan area of a million people was gone by early this morning. As were electric blankets. Fire wood is swiftly disappearing...

    Oops, gotta run, neighbor's knocking. He's here to borrow one of our EXTRA space heaters. The goof has a fireplace but doesn't have a stick of wood on hand. Rest assured I intend to make him "pay" for this for a long, long, LONG time.