Saturday, February 12, 2011

Making the poppity corn

Remember that song "Popcorn" that hailed from the late disco era? Here's a pretty funny Muppets skit called "Popcorn." My kids love it.


  1. How much do I love the Swedish Chef!

  2. I don't know whether to be proud or embarrassed that, at 48, I can still give voice to the pretty passable Swedish Chef imitation I did when I enjoyed this show in my youth, though the voice itself has gotten a bit deeper and raspier. Everyone has to have a skill I guess. I wouldn't suggest demonstrating it while interviewing at some of the more prestigious colleges...

    Jeff - Tucson

  3. Big Muppet fans, here. "I am not a shrimp; I am a King PRAWN!!"


  4. Jeff, don't feel bad, I am almost 66 and can still do both the Sveedish chef AND the Count!

    I gave up on them when big bird turned into a progressive. :-(


  5. That was a hoot! I called my three kids over to watch on my laptop and they just about bust a gut they were laughing so hard.

    And that reminded me of my all-time favorite Swedish Chef episode, which should serve as a warning to all vegans:

    Yes, it is very sad that we all can remember lines from The Muppet Show after 35 years. But I suppose those brain cells had to be used for SOMETHING...