Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Snowy surprise

Where did this come from? Snow wasn't in the forecast!

When I got up this morning, we had at least four inches of wet snow and it was coming down like crazy. In contrast to the poor folks in the Midwest and East, we haven't had snow on the ground for several weeks.

The chickens were not amused.

They were reluctant to come out from under the awning by their coop.

And what did Thor think of his first glimpse of the white stuff? At first, not much. He wouldn't set foot outside.

But he finally mustered up his courage and stepped out.

At first he didn't seem impressed.

But he soon changed his mind. Wheeee, this is fun!

He galloped so fast the camera had a hard time focusing.

Lydia came in with big ol' chunks of snow on her furry dewclaws.

...and Major looked like a reverse Dalmatian.

Tuesday is the day the girls and I go to Spokane (music and gymnastics lessons) so we'll see what it's like to drive in this mess!


  1. Patrice, not sticking in town, no worries.

  2. It doesn't matter if it's a calf or dog or whatever. It is fun to watch something enjoy what you know will be misery after a while. It got really warm here for a while and you can go outside and hear squeals of delight of kids outside playing with their dogs. As a childless, dogless old dude. That makes me smile.

  3. Thor is so cute...I just wanna hug him! Thanks for sharing his adventures with us.


  4. Obviously your weather didn't forcast this, but I saw the noon news on KREM2 and they said you were getting the brunt of the storm, not too sad we didn't see anything in Priest River.
    Started my seeds today and enjoyed seeing most of my garden in dirt. Hope you melt soon.