Sunday, February 6, 2011

Left-handed compliment

I was clicking on referrals on my blog recently to learn where people come from to find me, when I came across this blog (WARNING: very bad language!) written by someone called "Ornery Expletive." He was reviewing a variety of blogs and offered me the following accolade (slightly cleaned up):

Patrice, on the other hand, is a hoot. I might be a left wing zealot but I have an open mind and this lady just kicks my ***.

Good on ya sweetie.

I swear, this lady kicks my *** when it comes to traffic. But if you want to read some good writing, she is off the charts and I know *** good and well you who come here have never heard of her.

I'll admit I grinned for an hour over this one. Thanks, Ornery B., for the left-handed compliment!


  1. Patrice..
    The recommendation makes sense. Down to earth information, and fun too. Even if their tendencies are vulgar they can learn much.
    I check your blog and Enola's daily and have learned a lot, although $$ slows taking advantage of much of the info, but progress is being made. I am also appreciative of the links to other websites that you have provided.
    I pray daily for a change in the direction of this country. Hopefully people will get it before we fall over the precipice...

  2. I myself have shift my thinking politically speaking. I have always been a conservative and for a long time a "Regan/Goldwater" Republican. But as I watch politics since this last election I have learned the elites of both parties are only different sides to the same coin. Different words same result. While I admire Paul Ryan and I think he has a good plan for the government debt. No where in the Constitution says we care for poor folks. Or that charity is a function of the government.
    Hell I was dumb and I thought my SS taxes would be invested wisely. Gosh the "Elites" tell us time and again how much smarter they are and they know what's best for us...

  3. He is a bit different, that's for sure.

    I get a little tired of the ranting.

  4. It was a sincere compliment. Yes, I know I am over the top and rude but that is just me.
    I am, actually, a very nice guy most of the time, my blog is my alter ego and a place to vent.

    I do get a kick out of you.