Thursday, January 13, 2011

What a mess

Last week we took the Christmas tree down.

The resulting chaos left the house so comically messy that I photographed it.

And I mean it was a disaster. And we were supposed to host the neighborhood potluck the following day. Crud.


Meanwhile the bookshelf tucked against the side of the stairs was overflowing. I asked Don if he could make shelves that would fit better against the stairs and would hold more books.

Being the sweet handsome manly studly hunka hunka burning love husband that he is, he did so right away.


And we even managed to get everything tidy before our guests came over. Phew.


  1. Could you all moise on over and do my place?

  2. Awww, what a great husband/father/man Don is! I like those shelves, actually. Great idea!

    Lydia (right?) looks so content in that picture with someone's legs.

    Great pics!

  3. Save the Canning JarsJanuary 13, 2011 at 4:57 PM

    Your home looks welcoming and comfortable. I sense the peace of God there. How special!!!!

  4. Awesome bookshelves!!! Altho it looks like you'll need more sooner more than later.....

    Looks like a paper tornado went thru, and then it was all gone like it never happened....we call that the clutter-gremlins attacking; they seem to love big houses, especially.....

    It looks so bright and cheery in there!

  5. Way to go Don! I see that supplemental propane wall heater in the next to last picture.

  6. I sure appreciate how much you praise your husband, so many women take every chance they get to put them down. This is so refreshing. I have a great guy too, not real handy with tools, but he tries. Oh, that dog, what a sweetie.

  7. Patrice,

    You mentioned the neighborhood pot-luck in more than one post. Could you expand on it or write a post about how ya'll got that started? Is it just your close knit homeschool families getting together, or literally everyone within a couple of miles or what? I know you rotate it. How organized is it or do you just call everyone and say come on over??

    Would love to do that here, but not so sure the neighbors would. :{ Thanks!

  8. Wow... that was some cleanup job, you guys! We love your pics. They often make us laugh out loud. You have a beautiful home, and your dog Lydia does still fit in that chair... barely! We keep expecting to see a picture of the chair with one of the arms (or both) broken off! Thanks for being such a positive inspiration for conservative people everywhere. We're hoping some of your "snarks" will one day wake up and join you and the rest of us, forsaking their blind allegiance to those who want to enslave and control us all. It could happen!

  9. Great job. How daunting. It feels good to get it done, doesn't it? I've got guests coming tonight. I probably should do a little more of that myself.

  10. Patrice, You are such an awesome Proverbs 31 woman. You amaze me with all your energy and talents. I've learned so much from your blog already and always do each time I visit it. I sure hope I may one day have the pleasure of meeting you and your family. You are an inspiration for all the lady homesteaders out there. Keep on blogging. Hugs and many more blessings your way....Alicia