Friday, January 7, 2011

Momentary obsession

Every so often I get a bee in my bonnet to do a puzzle. A couple years ago a friend gave me a 1000-piece puzzle featuring Madonna and Child based on an old painting. It's become a favorite. So out came the puzzle board and I became momentarily obsessed with filling in pieces.

Here's the box:

Many years ago Don made me this sturdy puzzle board to keep the pieces from scattering and so I could move the board around when I needed to clear the table.

Finished it this morning. Took about a week altogether.

Younger Daughter got a kick out of the fact that she could pick up the entire puzzle as a sheet.

I'll keep this out for a day or two to admire it, then disassemble it and attack my favorite Vermont farm scene puzzle next.


  1. Hi Patrice, Great idea of a puzzle board/box. This would solve our puzzling problem. What are the dimensions he chose? Beautiful puzzle too! :)

  2. I'm not a Catholic or any such thing, but may I congradulate you on a job well done. I could never do those dang things. Kind of like crossword puzzles. They also are something I leave alone.