Thursday, January 20, 2011

Random pix

On the way home from church last Sunday, this mist in front of the hills looked beautiful.

Pretty sunset clouds (these were in the north, not the west).

Wheat field, before:

Wheat field, after (after a light dusting of snow, that is):

Gimli (our bull) and Nebuchadnezzar (our steer), sparring.

Morning sun and shadows on a distant field.

When I feed the livestock in the mornings, Brit (our horse) and Gimli (our bull) often go head-to-head (or head-to-hoof) over food. Both are dominant critters. Brit is taller and can kick, but Gimli has force and a skull so thick it can practically be smashed with a sledgehammer (or a kicking horse hoof, about the same thing) without affect.

Brit lashing with front feet...

...and about to kick Gimli with her back feet. Gimli doesn't care.

Once all the bins are full, everyone settles down and eats peaceably.

Lantern and early-morning shadows:

Snuggling in the hay on a cold morning:


  1. You live in a beautiful part of the country, Patrice. The sunsets and sunrises are truly gorgeous. I thank God every day for giving me sight to see His wonders. And I thank you for sharing your scenery with us.

    Anonymous Patriot

  2. Love the pics of the hens a-snuggling!
    Our coop is always filled with fresh hay. My girls love diving off the perch and scratching around looking for goodies - it is just so much fun to watch them. Finally got to have chickens after I retired. It's a good thing that I don't raise them for profit - I guess each egg must have cost me $10 between the coop, the run, feed
    treats & hay. Maybe this year I'll break even.
    Thanks for your blog-you are a breath of fresh air in these difficult times.
    God bless!
    ps: If you run out of snow, we have plenty with more on the way tonight, Brrrrrrr!

    Phyllis (NW Jersey)

  3. Pictures of chickens are good but without the sound of chickens you are missing out on some of the pleasure these little critters provide.