Monday, January 17, 2011

January thaw

We've been having a January thaw. The bitterly cold weather of a couple weeks ago has been replaced with temps in the mid-40's.

These photos were taken a couple days ago. Since then, nearly every scrap of snow and ice has melted. No problem by me!

This springlike weather is not without a tradeoff, however. For the last few days we've had shrieking winds and often pouring rains as well.

Nonetheless, the combination of bare ground and high wind gave the critters some high spirits.

The last thing to melt off was the ice rink on a low part of our road, which made for some mighty dicey driving.

Out here if you don't have four-wheel drive and studded tires, you're literally going nowhere.


  1. It's been much warmer in our neck of the woods too. Sunshine and a high in the mid 50s today caused me to open a window today. I love it! :) Though it is a bit early for a spring thaw...the little break from winter has been nice, we've got a week of sunshine mixed with a few little showers but nothing more. :)

  2. Whoa there! Let's slow it down a little! I don't think my fences can hold animals as feisty as yours, Patrice! They sure look happy to be speeding around. Especially the ones with studded tires!

  3. We, too, have experienced a bunch of 40 degree days! My husband and son took advantage and went camping :)

    My kids are going to LOVE the pictures of your happy animals!

  4. They were skiing in teehirts yesterday in the mountains above Sacramento CA. Once you got above the fog (about 1200 feet elevation) Clear skies and 60 degrees.

  5. Happy critters that is for sure. It made it to 44 degrees here yesterday after weeks of below normal cold. Today our high was 14 degrees with snow. There is at least a week of bitter cold straight ahead with 4 to 7 inches of snow coming tomorrow. I envy you Idaho folk. I'm kidding. Hang tough. We all will muddle through.