Monday, January 24, 2011

Random pix

More puzzle mania:

I've had this puzzle for ages - it's my favorite - and like to assemble it about once a year.

Unloading the siding we salvaged at the dumpsters a few days ago:

The pieces in good condition were stacked neatly:

We put the pieces that we in less good condition aside to be sorted.

We've had days where it actually looks like spring...

...complete with Canada geese flying overhead.

Sunset over a light dusting of snow.

We had a cake at our church last Sunday celebrating our pastor's tenth anniversary.

Interesting cloud formation.

Our rooster.


  1. Your pastor's name is Spike???? That's funny!!

    Is that beautiful cloud formation what's known as a mammatus? It's gorgeous.

    Anonymous Patriot

  2. Your rooster is a darlin'.

    That siding looks to be in great shape! I think it would look cool as a ceiling treatment in a kitchen. Can't you see it? I can. In fact that's what I wanted to do in our kitchen, but the right siding did not appear at the right price at the right moment, so we went with beadboard, and I ended up loving it.

  3. Lovely photos. I doesn't look nearly as spring-like here, but then it's only January....

  4. Great find on the sidings!

    That cloud looks like it might be one of the new types

    They're beautiful but a bit freaky, saw one in our Australian sky last month. Had never seen anything like it and I like looking at the clouds.
    Could be a result of the global cooling.
    We may also be about to have a magnetic reversal
    Interesting times ahead.


  5. The Vermont Fall Farm Scenery Puzzle made me feel homesick, today! Those hilly woods smell soo good in the fall!

  6. He obviously was too comfortable to stand up and pose.....LOL

  7. There is nothing like spring going on here. It did make it to 30 degrees today after a high of 10 yesterday. That seemed balmy. We spent the day on damage control after an 8 inch snowfall. It seems everything breaks down under terrible conditions. Tomorrow will be better. We are making progress.

  8. And y'all left Sacramento for THIS??? LOL

    Great score on the siding.

  9. Oops! Forgot to sign that last one!


  10. Yes, 25 billion in the hole sure beats cold hands and feet. Way to go California!

  11. Anonymous Patriot, and others, check this link for some amazing pics of mammatus and other surreal cloud formations.