Thursday, January 20, 2011


Every morning I make Don's coffee. We have different hours (he's a night owl, I'm an early bird) so I'm always up first and consider it a wifely honor to make his coffee when he gets up.

Since he's the only coffee drinker in the house, we don't have a coffee maker, but instead just use a cone and mesh filter.

Yesterday morning I made Don's coffee then departed to feed the livestock and clean Matilda's pen. When I came back in the house half an hour later, Don said, "I don't know who's loopier. You, for forgetting to put coffee in the coffee filter..."

"Oh no!" I exclaimed.

"...or me, for drinking it."

Once I stopped laughing, Don admitted he thought the coffee tasted a bit weak but didn't realize it was because there was no coffee in the filter. He had a nice refreshing mug of hot water instead.



  1. Be forewarned, things like this will happen more often as you get older (believe me, I know). It's good you both can laugh about it.

    Anonymous Patriot

  2. Ok, you made me pee my pants again! ROFL

    I don't drink coffee, but Darling Husband does. Every few months he forgets to put the coffee grounds in, but he's never sat and drank the hot water without knowing it. *snort, snicker, gulp*

  3. Hehehe, did animals get the coffee in their feed?

    Did you tell him it was an example of efficiency? LOL

  4. Well, that's as embarrassing as finding that someone forgot to put the seat down.

    Bill Smith

  5. Oh no, that's NEVER happened around here....

  6. Funny comments one and all! Don must be plumb worn out not to have not noticed that. A hot cup of water is probably more healthy anyway.