Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Eukaryotes, apostrophes, and dim deer

Just a snapshot of some schoolwork. Prokaryotic cells vs. eukaryotic cells:

The proper placement of apostrophes:

We have some fields nearby where the neighbors put out hay for the deer, who hang out in great numbers. This first shot turned out spectacularly. Click to enlarge. (Pretty good considering I didn't have my glasses on!)

Passing this same field at gloaming we saw lots of deer, dim in the dusk.

And just for fun, some Christmas lights also at dusk.


  1. I just love all your pictures - the deer, that sweet Lydia, and the beautiful scenery. Perked up my day.

  2. I had to chase a huge group of does out of my yard yesterday. My yard is only slightly more than one acre. They damage my trees. I live with a huge gully to my east and a huge new housing developement to the east of that. These poor stupid critters have been denied there old stomping grounds and now I have to pay for it. They were huge and looking very healthy so don't worry your little animal loving hearts over them.

  3. I'm with Kay, I loved all your pix, Patrice, and Lydia is such a doll! I have a question or two about the proper placement of apostrophes. I've always had trouble with them. I agree with "teacher's pet", if you're talking about one teacher with one pet, but wouldn't "teachers' pets" apply to more than one teacher and more than one pet? If one teacher had more than one pet, then wouldn't it be "teacher's pets"? This can be very confusing! Thanks.

  4. How about "teachers' pets' chew toys?" That's if there are more than 1 teacher who have more than 1 pet with more than one chew toy. Then there's "teacher's pets' chew toys' bite marks." That would be if there is 1 teacher with multiple pets that have chew toys with more than 1 bite mark on each.

    Or perhaps we could discuss "teacher's pets" as in Patrice's daughters. That would be so easy to understand! :) And I bet the "teacher's pets" also like the teacher, which would make it "pet teacher's pets." Right?

    Anonymous Patriot