Saturday, January 8, 2011

Husband of the Boss

My clever and humorous husband has posted a new Husband of the Boss column called Efficiency. Scroll down on the right-hand side of the page and click on - you guessed it - the "Husband of the Boss" button. Enjoy!


  1. At last! Thanks to this insightful column posted by THOTB I think we've finally located my husband's long lost identical twin, separated at birth. The adoption agency said it was the most efficient way....

    Hilarious stuff, Don. More! More!

  2. I'm a night owl and my husband is NOT. I laughed so hard I wanted to wake him up to read Don's post. Thanks for the great laugh!


  3. Love it!!!! Acutally anymous I think they may have been identical triplets - but my husband relocated to another country with his adoptive family.

    More please - why not start your own blog?


  4. I just finished reading an article that talked about how men think short term/immediate and women tend to think long term/bigger picture, then read THOTB's blog - and now have an example in action, LOL.....that was funny, in an Oh No kinda way, hehe....

    I think you guys are ready for the NEXT snow/plowing now, maybe not the chickens (yet) though.....

  5. I must say that although in the end the driveway did get cleared. Dons aproach to clearing the driveway seems to be the norm,at least in my neck of the woods,keep writing..

  6. Don,
    We all have one of "those days", I am sure your wife still loves you anyway. I am surprised that you didn't say you intentional forgot the feed and that you'd pick it up in town on the way to pay the ticket.

    hope your week gets better

  7. Love It! just read it to my husband who is chuckling too (said he is imagining himself in this very situation). Thanks for writing.

  8. Bravo! That was thoroughly enjoyable.

    I'm just glad the recent rain has cleared the snow off our base roads - I think whoever's in charge of plowing at our base must be the same kind of efficient thinker :)

    Germany (on a base not-to-be-named!)

  9. Don, thanks for single-handedly improving the economy of Northern Idaho. With your standards for efficiency, this country should recover its financial health in about 2 weeks. WTG!!

    Anonymous Patriot

  10. Don,
    I love your choice of words describing your situation. Our rural driveway is 1/2 mile long and we get the wind drifts (central WA state), so we'd all better prepare for Wednesday's storm that's coming our way! We've been snowed in before due to those wind blown snow drifts. Take care of those chickens, fill the gas tanks, and get that plow ready and working!

  11. $5.00 and the ATV got the drive cleaned once and would have still left the plow stuck where it was.

    Patrice did well to oversee the homestead as you were out battling peak oil and restrictive traffic laws. Not to mention taking care of the long term needs. You're a lucky man!!!

  12. Oh, I laughed so hard I wet my pants! Seems Don has a LOT of brothers out there.

  13. You ARE the man Don! I don't want to be redundent but I went through a similar time when living in the country. I did increadibly stupid things. Like walking maybe 4 miles with plans to dig out my car in 15 deree below zero weather. The roads where all drifted over so even if I got it moving I had now where to go.

  14. Yup! We women may frustrate you to no end, but you men are so amusing. Great post! My husband and son identified w/ Don and my daughter and I bust a gut laughing.

  15. That was awesome! Thank you, Don for giving us lots to laugh about today. You have quite the sense of humor and are a great writer like your wife.

  16. That was one of the funniest things I've ever read. Did Don publish that before in Farm and Ranch Living? I'm sure I read this story there last year maybe. Ever since I read it I've been hoping that their humor section would be just as good, but so far I've always been disappointed.

    BTW, I've been checking for a new post in HOTB every time I've been logging in. I'm thrilled to see it! Hope he can write more often.

    Gracie Wray