Sunday, July 11, 2010

Under new management!

Hey, guess what! My dear husband has agreed to take over the bells-and-whistles management of my blog. No really, this is a good thing. I’m honestly so busy (trying to keep up with my emails has become an embarrassing disgrace) that this will simplify my life immeasurably. Besides, he’s computer savvy and I’m not.

He’s looking for suitable links to other blogs and will take on the task of vetting these links to make sure (a) they’re appropriate, and (b) it’s a good fit for the blog. (He’s also said you can send all complaints to him as well. See why I like this deal?)

You can reach Don at with complaints, recommendations and blog-link suggestions.

1 comment:

  1. my sister and brother in law have the same problems with varnishing with the added problem of humidity..they do these adorable crooked bird houses...before the varnishing though, most of the birdhouses end up in their dining room, living room wherever there is room...