Thursday, July 8, 2010

Bath time for Lydia

We have some houseguests arriving today. Therefore we concluded it wouldn't be a bad idea to give Lydia a bath so it wouldn't be an embarrassment when they petted her.

Of course to Lydia, "bath" equals "torture." Oh my how she hates it!

"No no! Not the hose!"

Remember that old expression, "If looks could kill"...?

Off the leash but still looking sulky.

"Now that I'm clean, I'll lie on as much dirt as possible."

"Okay, maybe that wasn't so bad after all!"


  1. The "if looks could kill" picture cracks me up. What a great shot. lol Such a cute dog. :)

  2. When we use the word "bath" with our dog Max his ears droop and he slinks into his house.

  3. Oh boy. I had a great Pyr for many years and he hated baths too. For that matter, I hated giving him baths. Pyrs require so much grooming to keep 'em clean. He would get poop smeared and stuck in his fur around his butt. We would have to keep his rump clipped short to keep that from happening. In the heat of SoCal one summer we even got desperate enough to have him shaved! Don't do that, as they are hideous. They look like a huge poodle with a big chest and they have pink skin that burns easily.
    One thing about a Pyr is that they really hate wild animals and will aggressively defend their home/family from them. The bad part is they will bark incessently at the dumbest of things--clouds, wind, chirping birds, whatever.
    Have fun with Lydia! Find a cart for her to pull.

  4. Hatred of grooming HAS to be a Pyr trait! DH's first Pyr, Hannibal, hated baths and the Pyr we enjoyed together, Boo, hated brushing AND bathing - you would have thought we were killing him. But he looked so nice when he was done and dry, like a big fluffy cotton ball :). Thank goodness their fur sheds mud & stuff pretty well. At least when dry... Thanks for sharing Lydia - Jennifer

  5. Hey, I'm with Lydia on this one. Given the choice between a cold hose and a warm mud hole, I'm going for the mud every time.

    Anonymous Twit

  6. If you want a dog that likes baths you have to get a water dog like a lab or spaniel. Few long haired dogs like to get wet. Of course, with a lab it's hard to keep them OUT of the water. Ours would even try to sit in his extra large water dish.

  7. I can relate to Bill...same issues with a Sheltie. We pretty much have to shave doggie's hindquartera and his stomach in the summer. My DH's sister is a vet assistant, and warned us not to shave anywhere other than those two places, cause he would get sunburned.