Saturday, July 17, 2010

More puppy pix

I've been following the blog at Agape Ranch, watching the development of the beautiful litter of Great Pyrenees puppies which Lydia's parents, Ruthie and Elijah, had on July 5.

There's just nothing cuter than a litter of puppies!

These are Lydia's parents. Ah, gorgeous.

But this is my favorite photo.


  1. I wish time$ were a little fatter. I'd be calling and making plans to have one of those babies become a member of this household. I've wanted one for some time.

    I reckon that would make us puppies-in-law!


  2. Mom only has one Maremma left; she had two sisters for a long time but one died and the other is in her teens. Mostly they kept the bears away but their barking alerted a neighbor when my stepdad fell down the steps and broke his arm in 7 places and was unconscious outside in the cold.

    Are GPs a little more amenable to leaving the place to get veterinary care? The girls absolutely refused to get into the truck and we could. not. make. them. They would NOT leave their post. Their last vet visit was when they were still pups and my daughter and I loaded 'em up and had them neutered. Even so, the entire time they were at the vets, they wouldn't eat or even pee.