Monday, July 12, 2010

Puppies! Pretty pure Pyrenees puppies!

If any of you have a soft spot for Great Pyrenees, I'm pleased to report that Lydia's parents, Ruthie and Elijah, have a new litter of puppies born July 5. (These photos were lifted from the Agape Ranch website with permission.)

This is Ruthie, a week before the puppies arrived:

And one day before, virtually bulging at the seams:

When the puppies are a little older, Jim and Carol (the breeders) said we can come visit and indulge in a little "puppy love."

If you're interested in Pyrenees, I can highly recommend Jim and Carol. They know Pyrenees through and through, and they are completely ethical breeders. Their dogs are not "puppy mill" animals, but instead are beloved working dogs.

If anyone is inclined toward a large breed of dog, Pyrenees are a wonderful choice. These dogs grow anywhere from big to huge, and since they're guardian dogs who BARK a lot, they're not suitable for urban environments. But they're obviously outstanding as livestock guardians (their original purpose, after all) and, as Lydia attests, superb house dogs as well.

This is my favorite photo of Elijah (Lydia's dad) with Carol. I love it because it shows two things: (1) how durned big these animals get, and (2) how incredibly loving they are. The expression on the dog's face is no accident.


  1. Yay for Ruthie! What a great dog mom. And you are exactly right - the photo of Elijah is true to the breed. Total love and sweetness with the family. I told Hubby no more Pyr's after Boo, and then most certainly no more indoor animals... Lydia and her parents are weakening my resolve photo by photo. Jennifer

  2. I have never heard of a Great Pyrenees until your blog. Oh my goodness, they are the size of bears! I wish I lived in the country with land. I grew up with large dogs (not "Elijah-big") and will not get any because our house and yard are too small. Maybe one day, God willing. :)


  3. Is that a happy looking mama dog, or what?

    Thanks for sharing this event and for showing us the photos of Ruthie and Elijah.
    Now we see where Lydia gets her good looks!

    I'll be looking forward to pix of the 'puppy love' excursion.

    Congrats to Jim and Carol. Nothing adds to a sense of abundance in the home quite like baby critters do.

    A. McSp

  4. Mom, are you REALLY sure we can't get a coupe? Please?

    Younger Daughter.

  5. One beautiful spring day several years ago, while driving through Wyoming, I saw a bucolic scene of grazing sheep on a gentle slope and decided to stop to photograph them.

    There was a fence at the shoulder of the road, so I walked up to it in order to avoid getting it in the shot. As I stood at the tumbledown fence trying to get just the right angle for the photograph, I see through the viewfinder a huge white dog stand up in the middle of the flock and trot towards me, barking all the while. He was serious!

    Knowing that the fence would not protect me from this brute, I hastily returned to my car and sought safety within. The dog, having seen me beat a quick retreat, casually turned back to his flock and seemed to disappear among them. That was my first "experience" with the Great Pyrenees breed.

    I respect their work ethic, and they are gorgeous, but I'd have to take out a loan just to feed one.

    Anonymous Twit

  6. What great pictures! Pyrs are the best. Here's our Pyr, Albert and Mommy.

  7. I love that these pictures.
    So sweet.
    Thanks for sharing.

  8. Puppies are good. God is good, he gave us puppies!

  9. So sweet! I love that fluffy huge dog!

  10. Our "Soldier" was in this group somewhere. He was "Number 8". :)