Sunday, July 4, 2010

Quote of the Day

I was noodling around another blog this morning and came across this quote, which frankly stopped me dead in my tracks:

"It is tempting to deny the existence of evil since denying it removes the need to fight it." - Alexis Carrel

Powerful words indeed. My thoughts flickered to a reader named Robert, who is a proud liberal. He routinely (but politely, I'll give him that) takes me to task for my WND columns because he can't believe things are as bad as I claim they are.

Taking me to task is easier than fighting it, I guess....


  1. It also obviates the need to admit one has been wrong, or even to admit the existence of evil.

    Good pickup, Patrice.

    Bill Smith

  2. And all the children shouted AMEN!!!

    Happy Independence Day, my fellow citizens, and God bless America.

    A. Mc.Sp.

  3. Some other similar quotes I hope we've all seen and taken to heart--

    All that is necessary for evil to prevail is that good men do nothing.

    The wiliest thing the Devil ever did was to convince people that he doesn't exist.

    Those who forget history are doomed to repeat it.

  4. All righty...That GoogIe post sounds an awful lot like those letters "from Nigeria" promising you a profit for allowing them to wire millions to your bank account.

    As for your blog entry, all evil needs to succeed is for good men to do nothing.


  5. Yeah, that's why I deleted it, Melody. Sheesh, I've never seen an "ad" disguised as a blog comment before. And in such fine English too! LOL.


  6. How exactly do Liberals not believe bad things happen? Liberals believe we should all (by way of our tax dollars) help those in need - suggesting bad times befalling some. What happens when the scales tip and more people need help than can support them? Having more people to provide for than just your immediate family seems to beg the need for having a well prepared nest egg for hard times. Saving for a rainy day/preparing for lean times seems like common sense. Not right or left wing.
    P.S - as a Canadian I should mention Paul Martin (a Liberal) cut spending and enforced unpoplar debt cutting, yet is widely regarded as having saved Canada fromm a lot of the world's current economic turnmoil. He's in great demand to speak in Europe right now to help them sort out their mess. So the point being NO ONE should rule out bad things ever happening. Infact preparing for such is only responsible and should give comfort and happyness to know at the end of the day you can survive and get thru anything!
    Happy Forth of July!

  7. Darn! I missed the excitement. Oh well, story of my life.

    Indeed, evil is insidious and we must remain vigilant.

    Happy Independence Day to all Americans, wherever you may be. I pray for our troops and our country.

    Time to toss a few tube steaks (hot dogs) on the grill. Have a safe day.

    Anonymous Twit