Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Another Regular Guy column is up!

I have another Regular Guy column available!

This one is called Cheap Charlie. It's not my most brilliant column, but it's late and I'm tired.

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  1. Save the Canning JarsJuly 21, 2010 at 9:12 AM

    Well, you might have thought this was not your most brilliant column, but my daughter and I sure enjoyed it...we squealed and laughed!

    When we read that you did not have any fast food restaurant chains in your town, my daughter said, "Wouldn't that be nice?"

    We live soooo close to fast food that we can see the McDonalds sign from our back yard. We call that street in town "The Magnificent Mile of Meals" as it hosts every artery-clogging fast food chain known to man.

    So why is this so bad (aside from the health stand point)? Because lets say it's time to cook that chicken you got out of the freezer this a.m., and you find it's still frozen...and now you're on a time crunch. What do you do? You jump in the car and head to the "Magnificent Mile of Meals", promising yourself that you will cook that dumb bird tomorrow.

    Or lets say the whole family has been outside all afternoon working in the garden and mowing the lawn and everyone is pooped and it's time for dinner. No one wants to cook...nope...just ain't going to happen.

    There are no mom and pop diners in which to get a home cooked meal because they have all been replaced by fast food chains. You look like crap (dirty, nasty, stinky) so you can't go into the grocery store or someone will see you (but if you get cleaned up first you're guaranteed to see no one you know)...so you jump in the car and drive through several of the establishments on the "Magnificent Mile of Meals."

    Why several? Because everyone in the family is burned out on fast food and some places they can not stomach at all...thus what they THINK they CAN choke down is not under one roof. What a mess!

    One has to purpose to stay away from such places and planning ahead helps. Having a stash of home-made canned soups, stews, or chili helps one to stay out of the drive thru lane.

    So my daughter and I think there is at least one advantage to living in the boonies (be it Podunkville or Ndjamena, Chad), and it's this...there is no "Magnificent Mile of Meals."