Saturday, July 31, 2010

Home from summer camp

Yesterday we picked up Younger Daughter from a week at Summer Camp courtesy of our church, which banded together to send five children to a regional church camp (thanks everyone!).

The camp is very old and established, with literally generations of children attending since its inception sixty years ago. It boasts some spectacular views of Lake Coeur d'Alene.

Lots of excitement as Campers are reunited with their parents. In my case it was especially joyful because I hadn't seen Younger Daughter for 10 days, as she left for camp while I was in Portland.

Younger Daughter's cabin, called "The Cougar Cabin."

She took one of the upper bunks.

Children and parents line up for ice cream.

Someone's well-thumbed Bibles on the ground. I thought it made for an artful tableau.

The final program was held inside the beautiful newly-finished chapel. Are these front doors (copper) gorgeous or what?

Chapel empty...

Chaptel full...of joyous music.

Older Daughter's week at camp comes in early August, and already she's climbing the walls in excitement!


  1. The chapel door is indeed beautiful. I like the cross being incorporated with the tree. It's a simple way to express a complex idea.

    Summer camp! I wish there was a summer camp for adults. I'd love to spend a week swimming, canoeing, singing songs around a campfire, attending service with peers, eating s'mores, and sleeping in a bunkbed. (OK, maybe not sleeping in the bunkbed.)

    Anonymous Twit

  2. the summer of '69 i was a camp counselor for a christian camp in lesterville mo.....i taught horseback riding and archery and had a cabin full of eight-ten yr.old was an experience i shall never forget :)

  3. What a wonderful, beautiful place!

    Bill Smith

  4. Easily the most beautiful camp I've ever seen. I admittedly did a double take on the chapel doors as I stared at it a while thinking... "What's funny about that copper?" Then I saw the animal motif impressed upon it - Duh! :)

    At our last church camp-out, I was looking forward to a quiet evening by the fire with the missus, when kids (not my own) started filtering in. Soon there were about 8 kids running around my campsite, dispelling every last bit of silence (sigh). I was in Children's Ministries, but this was TOO much attention.
    I asked some of them if they shouldn't be with their moms and dads and they replied, "Oh no, it's OK, they said we could play here." (Oh they DID, did they!)

    Despite this being a church camp-out, I hatched an "evil" plan. I broke out the S'mores making materials and loaded up the little darlings on sugary treats. Some of them had as many as 6 before I sent them home! BWAHAHAHA!

    Ahhhh... memories. If I'd had espresso and free puppies, they would have gotten some of those too!

    Steve Davis
    Anchorage, Alaska

  5. Great pictures Patrice. I don't know if you noticed but one of the Bible's (great, you have me all paranoid about proper grammar after reading your Valley Girl post!) has the name of that child on it. My eyes always go to the corner because we put our names on our Bibles as well. Just thought I would let you know.

    Ouida Gabriel

  6. I love church camp. My parents took me to family church camp when I was 8 weeks old and I continued attending the camps for the various ages until I was married and we moved away. I actually spent 9 summers working at our campground. Loved the services and music. Some of my best memories are at that campground in Northern California.
    Looks like your daughter had a good time. Beautiful buildings.