Thursday, July 8, 2010

Random pix

We've caught all the tankards up to the same stage in our ginormous production run, namely sanding. Tuesday and Wednesday were marathon sanding days, with Don and I trading off.

Here's our other barn cat, Kitkat.

Older Daughter's job for the past week has been to get a handle on the weeds in the front and side yards. Yesterday she brought in this nearly seven-foot example of why it's been a tough job.

Pearly's getting big, but not so big that she doesn't want to nurse.


Some young pears.

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  1. Weeds are a real pain, aren't they. I used to hate them until I realized they are what hold the soil in place. Now I have a little more respect for I rip their roots out of the ground and triumphantly toss them onto the burn pile.

    Anonymous Twit