Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Can't complain...

Now that I've accepted the fact that I won't have a garden this year, I really have no complaints about our summer weather. We've had a few hot days with temps in the upper 80's and low 90's, but that's it.

Here's Lydia cooling down in front of the fan during the heat wave:

Then the weather turned cooler and very windy:

Here is our forecast for the week:

Now consider the poor souls living in a place called Salome, Arizona:

I don't know how they do it down there. I hate excessively hot weather. It makes me curl up and die. Whereas snow - fine. No problem. (That's why I live in north Idaho instead of New Mexico.)

But to those who must endure the heat, consider this: the environmentalists want to regulate your use of air conditioning. Just a thought.


  1. Thank you. I have been complaining to myself about how hot it is going to be this week. In the low 90's until the end of the week and then the high 90's through the weekend. I always tell our kids that no matter how bad it gets somewhere some else has it worse. So thank you for helping my to remember my own saying.
    Have a great day.

  2. It looks like the exact weather we're having here in Newport (WA). If it weren't for all the dust, we could at least be happy the laundry dries instantly :) On a side note, I've really enjoyed reading your blog and have made plans to visit the Spokane LDS dry pack center this week. Thanks so much for all your hard work and information!

  3. I am in SouthEast Texas...home of 100% humidity and Jurassic Park sized insects! (Also snakes, alligators and mosquitoes large enough to carry off small children)
    I HATE THIS HEAT! Temp in the 90s all week and with 95-100% humidity, the *heat index* means it feels like 106 to 112!
    I vote for snow, also, and am making plans to move to a much cooler clime within a year.
    Give me snow any day!

  4. ...and again I say, "Oh. That poor pitiful puppy. Just pitiful."


    Same here, Patrice. That hot spell last week put us above 100 for three days and 'bout kicked my amply-endowed backside. I don't do heat real well, either.

    But the good news is I'll be picking the first round of raspberries today and actually have many new tomato blossoms.. and.. (wait for the drum-roll...) some green tomatoes on the vines!!! Those and the excellently performing sugar peas have been my only real consolation this drab season...so far.
    Our forecast looks somewhere between yours and New Mexico's, so the berries are smiling and so am I. I still have berries in the freezer from last year, so I'll get them out and make some jam to stock up and make room for the new crop.

    Life's good.


  5. You would be surprised how comfortable 100 degrees is in the desert. It is only when the temperature reaches 115 or higher that we got really uncomfortable, and we lived in the desert between Tucson and Phoenix. We didn't have A/C, either.

  6. They say the summer humidity and heat of the South were nearly unbearable until the invention of air conditioning. If Cap & Trade is passed, the South's climate may very well be a problem again. As will life in cold climates during the winter. We will all suffer in one way or another.

    Anonymous Twit

  7. no matter the heat or the cold..life goes on. today it is hot with thunder, rainshowers and lots of steam..no breeze to speak of. oh well, back to a good book, a tall iced tea, and a bucket of cold water to stick my feet into.

  8. I know you love your pyrenees dog, but just the sight of the piles of white dog hair everywhere makes me think these are not the best choices for house dogs.%@ And I have heard of several accounts of pyrenees actually attacking the livestock they were supposed to protect. Just keeping it real!

  9. You got that right AT. Back in the day I believe that they built their houses to accomodate warm nights. Big porches to sit out and enjoy the cooling night breezes big windows and so on. Fear not my brother, I believe you are more durable than you may imagine. One last thought to comfort you...Warm is always better than cold.