Monday, July 19, 2010

Eewwww, yuck!

Warning: shocking and graphic photo below.

I'm serious, if you have a weak stomach about human deformities, this isn't the post for you.

Ever think your kids are a pain in the patookus? Especially teens who insist on texting all hours of the day and night, or who are putting you through the wringer with their teen rebellion? Ever have a fleeting thought about pushing your kids off a bridge or something?

Well count your blessings after considering what your kids could be like, but aren't. Take a look at this gem of a human (or subhuman, I haven't decided yet) who just can't seem to leave his body alone. This guy is on the run at the moment for allegedly trying to run down his landlady or whatever. But one thing's for sure - he'll be easy to spot in a police lineup.

So whenever you feel a moment's despair over your kid's bad grade in school, just think what what he's NOT.


  1. I bet he'll be leading a mutant zombie biker gang AFTSHTF.

    - Ranger Man

  2. I got a tattoo when I was 14. I wanted a cross with flames coming out of it. The guy said no. I drew another cross and he said ok and I have it on my arm. I think back to that moment of grace because God knew I would be so horrified to have a tattoo of a cross with flames now that I am a Christian. I was just telling my children the other day that yes, it seems weird and odd to me that others do things to mutilate their body but we have to look past those things.

    I am sharing my thoughts as this is a subject near and dear to my heart. I myself feel frightened around people who look like this. Hoever, I know that some people are good no matter what they look like on the outside. Some people are wicked even though they look "good" or "normal". I live in a area where gangs abound. Their tattoos show where they have been. Some of them are not proud of their past, especially once they find Christ. I can't imagine having having my past written on the front of my face (or arms/chest/back) for all too see and make judgments. I do wonder how my Christian faith is going to line up with my SHTF thoughts. I struggle greatly with these thoughts daily. After all, I do have children to protect.

    Ouida Gabriel -

  3. Whenever I see something like this, after my initial thoughts of what kind of tortured soul it must take to be driven thence, I find myself visualizing this kid when he's 55 and living with the sagging, inevitable effects of time and a life lived swimming against the current of the socio-economic results of such rebellion and vanity.

    Dear Lord.

    A. McSp

  4. Isn't this Obama's new Religion Czar?

    Anonymous Twit

  5. A. McSp,

    My husband just said this the other day. He said "Can you imagine what the women will look like while their necks all covered in tattoos and piercings, even if removed, can you imagine how they will look to others"?

    Add to that your comment about fighting the socio-economic results and I wonder what they will think of their actions.

    Ouida Gabriel

  6. One of my sons went out with an older friend for his 17th birthday...this friend has plenty of money and no one to spend it on--other than himself, his nephews and nieces and friends. Our friend was supposed to buy my son a new outfit (so he said).
    My son came home with:
    A ring through his nose
    A pierced eyebrow
    A pierced nipple
    A pierced tongue
    A tattoo on his chest over his heart---of a heart. In chains.
    Needless to say, that adult friend didn't stay a friend much longer as not only did he pay for the piercings and tattoo, he SIGNED for my under-age son to get them done!

    My philosophy was always this:
    At age 10, my kids could pick out their own clothes. As long as it was weather appropriate and I could afford it.
    At age 13, they were in control of how they did their hair. You want to dye it blue and look like a smurf? Fine! But YOU pay for the dye!
    At age 18, they were in control of all of it---as long as they paid for what ever body art, piercing, etc. they wanted.

    12 years later, that same son still has the tattoo, but all the piercings are gone. "Mom, I'm an electrician! Be stupid to put metal all over me!"

    I have two tattoos myself. Got them both over rather horrendous surgical scars.I am still happy with them, 20 years later. They look much better than the scars did! They are in places normally covered by clothes---unless I go swimming, nobody sees them!

    But that guy in the picture...I think he took his journey for "individualism" just a bit too far.

  7. A.T. what have I told you about those swallow before reading advisories???

    This one GOT ME!!

    You'd think I'd learn.

    OK...where are the paper towels....?

    A. McSp

  8. A.McSp,
    Sorry, sometimes I can't help myself. I looked at that guy's photo and suddenly I felt...devil-ish.

    Anonymous Twit

  9. this photo looks like a mug shot.

  10. ^It is a mug shot!

    I saw this post shortly after reading the following in "The Well-Trained Mind:"

    "Since self-expression is one of the greatest desires of adolescence, high-school students should have training in the skills of rhetoric so that they can say, clearly and convincingly, what's on their minds. Without these skills, the desire for self-expression is frustrated. Expression itself becomes inarticulate. External objects--clothes, jewelry, tattoos, hairstyles--assume an exaggerated value as the clearest forms of self-expression possible."

    What a perfect example!

  11. What does this guy do for a living?

  12. All these 'additions' are really going to be 'Oh so attractive' after a few years and age and the wrinkles set in! I hope he is independently wealthy, because I can't see anyone hiring him for anything more than an ODDITY at a exhibition of FREAKS, or a circus.

  13. I always think the same thing, what will all these tattoos look like at the age that wrinkles set in, and about employment, who will hire them? Makes me feel sad that a human being is driven to this look. I mean, those are scars! What are those horns, do you think perhaps that was there and he added the rest to match?