Friday, March 25, 2011

Random pix

Did you know that cows are curious about human barns? Here's Matilda peering in the window to see what we're up to.

Thor has to look hard to see past all the dirt on the door.

Mama and son.

Eating rotten tomatoes.

Why we've been keeping our driveway gate shut. (When we accidentally leave it open, everyone goes on a "field" trip across our neighbors' land.)

As of March 23:

This is an Aracauna pullet. Her cheek "sideburns" are so fuzzy they sometimes block her eyes. We named her "Tribble."

Chicks are so cute. They fall asleep anywhere.

Lydia seems entirely indifferent to the constant peeping coming from the stock tank.

A sudden violent sleet squall this afternoon...

...which led to some pretty clouds at sunset.


  1. Ok, the cuteness meter just went off the scale on this one.....even the ugly gas prices didn't slow it down.....

    Can't help but smile after all this all are truly blessed.....

  2. I'm a day late, but I had to comment on how cute your cows are. The pics of them looking in the windows made me smile this morning. Thanks!


  3. Just wondering - why is the price of regular gasoline only about $.12 more than ours (in Central Texas) but the diesel price is $.50 cents more? Yikes!

  4. Seems as though the only thing that might catch Lydia's fancy would be the unexpected knock on your door. THAT would get her attention.