Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Random pix (mostly cows)

I still have barely set foot outside since Monday before last. We've had wild amounts of snow and the weather really hasn't been conducive to a convalescent. My wonderful husband is still doing my barn chores, bless him.

But I've been able to get a few shots through windows. Here's Thor standing inside the hay sled, looking like he's waiting for a ride. Mama Matilda is behind him on the left and big sister Pearly is on the right.

During a break in our weather a few days ago, when a rare shaft of sunlight came through, Matilda stood square in the driveway and chewed her cud in the sun. A few minutes later the sun disappeared, and when I glanced out the window I saw Matilda had just plain fallen asleep. Zzzzzzz......

Here's Lydia's favorite spot in the winter. I give you the irony of a dog with four inch thick fur whose favorite February location is wrapped around the woodstove.

I stepped out into the barn a couple days ago and learned that in my absence, Thor has started experimenting with solid food. I caught him with a few strands of hay hanging from his mouth.

"Who, me?"


  1. Thor is absolutely adorable. Too bad he has to get big and muscle-bound. Oh, suddenly I thought of Arnold Schwarzennegger. Huh, odd.

    Anonymous Patriot

  2. Oh my gosh he's cute! I love the Jet Sled, I just LOVE handy for everything.

    Anna in Alaska

  3. LOL at Thor stealing the sled....maybe you can convince him to do all the feeding with it, too.....

  4. Sleepin' moo cow, sleepin' dog, calf in box on mama's blog. Quiet hush of winter snow, simple scenes as life's gifts flow.