Thursday, March 17, 2011

Fetching hay

We ran out of hay early this year. Usually we have enough to last through mid-May, which is about when the grass is high enough to sustain grazing; but this year our hay only lasted until the end of February. It's no problem running out of hay because every farmer in the region has tons (literally) for sale at a reasonable price. We bought three tons from a local fellow who is selling it in small (60-lb) bales (versus the large 1000-lb bales).

But we're just picking it up as we need it. Today we went and fetched another 29 bales (all our truck and borrowed trailer will hold).

The road to the farmer's hay barn was a little rocky, but nothing a four-wheel drive vehicle couldn't handle:

The barn held lots of bales.

I wish we had a barn like this! It was a well-built pole-barn.

We took turns climbing to the top and tumbling down bales:

The view from the top was pretty nifty.

Most farms have elements of tumbled-down infrastructure, piles of refuse, and abandoned vehicles. This place was no exception. Just adds to the charm.

We packed the bed of the truck and the trailer...

...and strapped everything down tightly.

When we got home, the calves immediately expressed their appreciation for our efforts.


  1. those old tractor tires that are just lying around would make really good raised beds..i have a farmer friend here in mississippi that uses them for growing his tomatoes..and they are superb tomatoes too!

  2. That is a cool barn. It brings back memories of bailing hay as a boy. Just so people can understand and appreciate how much and how fast things have changed. I am talking about mid 60's. We used to have a place in town here(a butcher/seed shop where you could register your name in a log and when farmers came in and picked you out. OH JOY! A chance to make a few bucks and eat like a king. My God I wouldn't trade those days for any amount of money.

  3. That farm looks pretty spiffy. The tires were all together in one pile, that's very neat and tidy, I'd say. I should snap a few photos around here of farms and places that people consider "homes" kinda crazy.

    Jane in Aak