Country Living Series

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Random pix

Lydia in her favorite chair on a chilly morning.

Thor sees turkeys for the first time.

Chickens in a shaft of late-afternoon sunlight.

We ran out of hay, so Don took a run to a local farmer to get some (small bales this time, not the 1000-lb bales).

It took Matilda and Pearly, oh, about thirty seconds to start munching. Barely enough time for me to grab my camera.

But Ruby couldn't reach them. Oh! The frustration!


  1. Lydia is just too cute. Love all the pictures.

  2. Lydia says, "No nose. Too cold."

  3. looks like lydias' chair is "just right".

  4. Poor Ruby. I ought to report you to the aspca, you mangy mutt. ;-)

  5. I knew that cats were photo-voltaic, but it seems chickens are too. So am I, to think of it. Need my sunshine.

  6. I enjoy the way animals (especially the young ones) look at each other with a sence of curiousity and suspicion. I reminds me a bit of human behavior.

  7. When she looks just too, too cute like that, I want to get all baby talky, and call her "Wydia...."

    But, I don't.

    Bill Smith

  8. ...and I get full credit for the pictures of widdle Wydia.
    -Older daughter.

  9. love the animal pics~ that is one cute doggie!!

    really enjoying your blog and information!! :)

  10. Lydia barely fits in that chair! How cute!

  11. Older Daughter, you did yourself proud there because those were some fine pictures. Lydia looks so cute and cuddly that you would never know she could be a viscous beast if need be. I pray there will never be a need.