Wednesday, March 9, 2011

And teach them WHAT?

So it seems music legend Elton John - whose music, by the way, I like very much - feels Americans aren't spending enough money on sex education in public schools. "With young people, the infection rates rise and until you inform people and make this disease [HIV] a non-stigmatized thing, you're never going to have any change and we're batting our heads against a brick wall. We need to get into schools."

I see. We need to make sexually-transmitted diseases a non-stigmatized thing. Funny, I thought they already were.

What, pray tell, would Elton want taught in the classrooms of America if he had his way? Kids in public schools are already taught to "do it" in every conceivable method, way, position, and combination except standing on their heads. (Or maybe they are.) Do you really think throwing more money at an issue which isn't the government's business will solve it? We've already thrown literally billions of dollars at "educating" young people about sex - and where has it gotten us? Rampant diseases and out-of-wedlock birth rates ranging from 40 to 70%. Yeah, we're just oozing success, and throwing more money will make all the difference.

(And then we wonder why our national test scores are an international disgrace. Who has time to concentrate on science and math when prophylactic activities with fruit are so much more important?)

To my way of thinking, we need to make teen sex more stigmatized, not less. In times past, there was always been a tiny (and shocking!) minority of girls who got in the "family way" before marriage; but societal stigma prevented most girls from tripping down this tragic path.

But no more. Now it's a free-for-all. Everything goes. Nothing is stigmatized. And Big Daddy Government helps these poor "victims" every step of the way so they never feel the repercussions from their poor decisions and in fact encourage additional bad decisions, thus trapping more and more generations into poverty and dependence.


I am so thankful we're homeschooling our girls and teaching them the proper timing and placement of sex, namely within a marital covenant.

And which path do you think will lead my girls toward a happier life? The old-fashioned prudish path of saving their virtue until marriage? Or the anything-goes hook-up-with-strangers path the public schools encourage with federal funding? Just asking.

Grrrrrrr. Okay, I'll calm down now....


  1. Oh, good grief, as if Elton John could have positive input about sexual education. I'm with you, it has to be the covenant of marriage, taught by mom and dad.

  2. Elton John is like A Candle In The Wind....full of hot air and not particularly bright.

    Anomymous Patriot

  3. Makes me very thankful for the opportunity to homeschool.

  4. Patrice, when I was a school teacher, I did not see the system for the beast that it is. I saw love. For the kids, for their parents, for my colleagues. I was so busy with pouring myself into helping each child become the most that he/she could be, by finding out what made them tick and using that to teach them the skills, that I just never noticed the evil system in which I operated. To me it was an opportunity to help, doing something I loved.

    It took backing away (quitting in order to mother our firstborn child, and also the children who followed) for me to see that the system is in it for itself. It's really the nature of systems, the nature of the beast, if you will. Helping young people become the best, most capable and decent human beings possible is not at all the original nor current agenda of the government school system. It is to get the minds of the kids away from their parents, and create workers and fodder for the State. John Taylor Gatto has a nice bibliography with a lot of proof of this in his book about the history of American education. But if you just look at the actions, across-the-board measures, it's easy to conclude. Probably you already know that, but just in case.

    When I hear of charming additions to the curriculum such as the one you mentioned, of course I am disgusted, but I am not in the least bit surprised. The system is doing what it is designed to do. It's finding more ways to make humans dependent on and beholden to the State.

    Yes, of course my heart breaks for the kids whose lives will be further damaged by this idiocy. Right now, though, I'm focused on a very happy feeling for your own girls. And for all my kids, and for the many other ones I know are being spared that hell, and instead are being prepared for a sanctified marriage. And they'll be literate, to boot. Well educated, even.

  5. Michael Dean MillerMarch 10, 2011 at 1:11 AM


    I'll bless the day we again raise young men like Robert E. Lee and young ladies steeped in the wisdom of Abigail Adams.


  6. How ironic that I read this right before coming here.....apparently it begins at 3, long before "school age".......

    I'm glad I miss all toys of choice when growing up was building sets, cars, solving puzzles, anything that could be turned into a house, and not many dolls were involved either....

  7. Laura Ingraham said it best, "Shut up and sing."
    I've been a fan of his music for 36 years. But for me, when he is not sitting at the piano playing and singing, he doesn't exist. Who cares what he - or any other musician or actor - says about anything besides acting or making music? The day I wake up to find the entertainment media industry has gone out of business due to lack of interest will be a great day indeed. Of course it's more likely I'll wake up on a massive pile of gold coins to find that I suddenly look like Cary Grant.

    Jeff - Tucson

  8. In all fairness, Elton John was making a statement comparing the U.S. and Africa with regards to disease education. Any version of Lester Brown's book Plan B might suggest that Elton may have a point that education appears to be a key element toward reducing the rate of disease.

    Elton John aside, I think maybe the real issues are 1) what should sex education be? and 2) from where should it come?

    Patrice, you and I home school for a lot of the same reasons. I agree that education on this matter should come from home, however I fear that a lot of parents drop the ball in this regard. I believe a lot of parents feel it is the school's job (I am sure you've had to have the "what make you qualified to teach?" conversation), some are just embarrased, some may be unable to adequately discuss the issue, and others may optimistically wait too long.

    I would be willing to bet that those things have at least as much to do with the sexualization of today's culture as public school sex education (part of it, too, is that we have concentrated and doubled in population in the past 50 years; almost quadrupled in the past 100. "Back in the day" it was not as easy to find an agreeable partner). Believe me, I agree that we've turned a crazy corner when it comes to attitudes on sex, but I'm not sure we're always pointing fingers in the right direction.

    If we were able to remove all sex education from public schools tomorrow, would these issues disappear? I doubt it.

    Perhaps we need parent education?

  9. Good word. But, unless you put God in the equation there is no knowledge of covenant and no reason to wait. Evil is now good, and good evil. They are serving the god of this world, and trying to justify their iniquity. If you take a stand for righteousness you will likely be ridiculed, as you know.
    Stay strong in the Lord.

  10. Makes me want to vomit, honestly. I often ask myself that same question... WHY CAN'T PEOPLE SEE THIS?! I think, honestly, its because 90% of the population have left their children to be TOTALLY educated by the system, which means that if they admitted that parents are supposed to teach...they might have to actually step up to the job. >:-/ THanks for sharing! You have such a great insight and opinion! :D

  11. Elton John is the last person who should be deciding what our kids should be taught about sex!

    Here's one more thing that REALLY bugs me. I was one of those girls who got in a "family way" in high school. My mom never once taught me that sex should be saved for marriage. My father never talked about it and didn't care who I spent time with or how I spent that time. But when I told them I was pregnant, my father kicked me out of the house (because I wouldn't have an abortion), and my mother told me how disappointed she was in me. Because I got pregnant. Even when they never once taught that the activity was wrong. That was over 20 years ago, but I still see the same thing happening.

    (Fast forward over 20 years - I'm happily married, mama of many, HOMESCHOOLING, and teaching my children the right path.) Sorry about posting anonymously, but my past isn't something I broadcast.

  12. Sex and sexually transmitted diseases is Not a core academic course.
    It is not the governments or schools or churches job to teach children social behavior or encourage or discourage it.
    It is reserved for the parent to educate on these subjects.

    Elton John needs to utilize his talent, righteous messages, and his financial resources to educate the 3rd world countries that still have absolutely NO understanding of the routes of virulent transmission or the destructibility of the disease. If he could just concentrate on overcoming the superstitious belief that the medication that is being funded by Americans and distributed to the tribal areas, ARE NOT actually what is "giving" them the HIV.

  13. Why not?! The public education system in the USA is doing so well will so many other subjects right? They must know something we don't.

    (that would be sarcasm) :))

  14. Save the Canning JarsMarch 10, 2011 at 7:20 AM

    The joke at our house is that one should not drive without a license, so no sex without a license (marriage).

  15. Patrice, This is an email I sent out this morning before even reading your latest post. Get a load of this pile of manure. And we are suppose to have some sympathy for these wonderful, dedicated public school teachers that are being so violated in Wisconsin while they pay millions in dues to the NEA every year to represent their wishes. Well, check out some of their wishes. And to add insult to injury, they want the U.N. (useless nations) to trump U.S. law. In other words, not only does the NEA want to have your middle schooler sit through a lesson on masturbation, they want the U.N. to FORCE it on you with no opt out clause. Because, after all, those liberal democrats know better than you what your children need and you are just controlling your children by sticking them in a "binary box created by religion and family."

    If you have children or grandchildren in the public school system and you don't think this is coming to a classroom near you soon, you are FOOLING yourself. Democrats have been pushing hard to ratify the UNCRC for some time now. If we do that, we are handing over our parental rights to international rule! Did you ever think you'd see the day when that would happen? Yeah well, if you don't plug have no one to blame but yourself. Subscribe to if you want to stay informed. They are working hard to protect your God given parental responsibilites whether you know it or not.

    If you want to continue to bury your head in the sand by thinking it really does take a village to raise a child, then don't blame someone else when you find out your child's teacher was the resident "idiot".

  16. When I read Heldini's comments, I was reminded of the many school teachers I've known over the years, including my husband's older sister. Occasionally he sent her an article concerning the direction our public school system has been taking. Knowing her, I'm certain she was a very good teacher (8th graders), but like so many other teachers we also sent these articles to, she was insulted by them! Our intelligent, decent (and hopefully Christian) teachers have to stop taking the truth so personally. Just because they were honest and devoted to teaching the children in their classrooms does not mean that all our teachers are equally as competent and driven. When my husband finally sent his sister the following quote by Dr. Chester M. Pierce of Harvard University in 1972, she refused to discuss the matter any further: "Every child in America entering school at the age of five is insane, because he comes to school with certain allegiances toward our Founding Fathers, toward his parents, toward a belief in a supernatural being, toward the sovereignty of this nation as a separate entity. It's up to you [psychologists and psychiatrists] to make all of these sick children well." Our teachers need to stop being insulted and FACE REALITY! Then, they need to DO something about this! --Debbie

  17. I'm sure Elton John wants to be in the schools to spread his perverted sense of sex, "marriage", gay lifestyle etc. and try to make it more socially acceptable. Schools & honestly churches for that matter need to stay out of the families business. We've had a discussion about doing an abstinance program of some sort at church youth group ~ however my husband and I pre-screened the videos in the privacy of our room and were appalled at what this Christian company put out. We turned them back in and said our kids would have no part in this. Families need to step up and educate their own children and not expect or "let" anyone else take over for them. Oh, and for the record, our youth group was going to do the videos for Dads and Boys & a separate group for Moms and girls ~ this video set was put out by Saddleback in CA and was more of a shock value program instead of don't do it ~ God said so. We need to all be careful of what our children are exposed to and that includes church. I think we are all guilty at one time or the other of being too much in the world & we all need to wakeup before our children lose too much more of their precious innocence. I want my daughters to stand at their marriage altar ~ as spotless brides.

  18. our kids have been redoctrinated the last twenty or so years and guess what..most of the teachers that our children have in school are "redoctrinated" students wonder public education is so rotten...and to the core. my niece is a schoolteacher to elementary grade children, and for the life of her she cannot figure out what is wrong with her own two children..

  19. My 13 yr old grandson lives with us. I picked him up from school Wednesday and he couldn't wait to tell me the 'big news' of the day. One of his classmates is prenant. We had a short discussion about it, but his younger brother was with us, so we had to postpone a more in-depth discussion. But we will certainly have one - soon! So-called school sex education is a joke! There is nothing moral about what they teach!! I certainly wouldn't rely on the school to teach my grandson about something this important!

  20. My mother told us (my brother and I) everything, we knew the whole situation since we were young, and let me tell you she left nothing out or even sugar coating it, it was the truth (eww). She has always been open with us, she stated that she wants us to be safe if we decided to get active. the thing is I nor my brother were active until our early 20's ( I with a 2 year relationship before activity) and I told my mom that I was thinking of becoming active so we had a great relationship, which I will do with my daughter. The schools sex ed when I was in school was worthless, there was no pictures of STD's, child birth or relationship issues. I believe that is one reason why kids get active so young, they are not taught about the bad things or even sex. I bet that if you were to talk to those who were active at a young they will tell you that they were curious and never taught about sex. I personally agree with marriage first but things may happen and I would hope my daughter at the time it may happen will be safe and talk about it first with me.

  21. Saw a picture of Elton and his "partner" with their newly adopted baby boy on his knee. Made want to vomit thinking of the twisted ideas that kid's gonna grow up with.

    Homophobic you say? Naw, I'm homorevoltic.

    Steve Davis
    Anchorage, Alaska

  22. You need to check the history of premarital sex...because colonial America had a high percentage of unwed mothers and "early" childbirth. Premarital sex has always existed...don't kid yourself and think that we humans used to have higher morals than we do now.

  23. I would shudder at the thought of what that fat old flammer thought sex education should be. He is nothing but a liberal who thinks homosexuality is normal and good. A few of the previous posters are correct, my fifteen year old daughter tells me what they teach in health class and that every one of her teachers push a pro homo agenda. Steve, thanks for enlightening me to the term homorevoltic, one I will use in the future!

    Had Enuff

  24. How anyone could like Elton John Music is beyond me.

    Not that His social views are better.

    A Sane society would simply give him Therapy. We live in one that caters to his Delusions.