Sunday, March 20, 2011

Random farm pix

Random pix of the beasties.

The neighbors put their horses in a different pasture, right next to our wooded side. All the horses were curious about the cows.

See? SEE??? Fences aren't prisons. Fences are mere suggestions. Pearly wanted to be on this side so she could be with her mama (Matilda) and took care of it herself.

Smokey thought about following but a good glare from me discouraged her. This time.

Yesterday morning we woke up to a brief winter wonderland. The snow melted off before noon.

I was taking some pictures of the chickens lounging in hay...

...when all of a sudden some turkeys started strutting through. One male...

...another male...

...and a female.  "'Scuse us.  Pardon us.  Just passing through."


  1. Patrice,
    I so love your random photos. They can be entertaining or can really show the glory of God or both. Thank you for sharing your life with the rest of us. It is a joy to follow.

  2. i think i would've found a way to pen those turkeys and fatten them that would've been better than turkey hunting!

  3. I wonder what wild turkey tastes like ...


  4. Are you becoming a spokesman for the free range folks? Is there no stopping the parade of animals stomping around? Great pics. I associate particularly with the "fence jumpers" one. It seems very familiar.

  5. We used to live next to hundred of acres that farmers grazed their cows on. One day I saw a cow jump over the fence onto our property. Immediately the nursery rhyme about the "cow jumped over the moon " came to mind.

  6. Those stutting turkeys are threatining to upset the status quo. It is very upsetting to see totally free turkeys go stutting by when you are imprisoned and doomed to the supporting the animal agriculture industry. Chickens, rise and DEMAND your goodies! Remember Madison(ironic name right)? Wisconsin. Power to the chickens. It's in in good fun folks.