Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Pregnant with puppies!

This is Elijah.

This is Ruthie.

Elijah and Ruthie are Lydia's dad and mom.

These magnificent dogs are owned by Carol and Jim of Agape Ranch, two of the nicest people you'll ever meet as well as the most ethical breeders I know.

They just learned that Ruthie is pregnant with puppies!

This is always fun for us because the girls and I get to visit and indulge in some "puppy love."

But if anyone is interested in a Great Pyrenees puppy, let the folks at Agape Ranch know! They'll be taking deposits when the puppies are born.


  1. Wow! I've never seen a doggie sonogram/ultrasound before, though I couldn't tell what I was looking at (except for the spinal column).


  2. How can you possibly snuggle one of these beautiful babies without bringing one home. Our Opal came from a wonderful rescue group here in NC and she has brought us such joy. The Great Pyr's are certainly gentle giants.

  3. I have want a pyrenee since the first time I saw one 7yrs ago. The only problem is they are out of my price range. Magnificent dogs!! Hope they find good homes for all of them. Daughter already has a name picked out for the day we might eventual get one. Russia, she pronounces it Rahshaw.

  4. .

    That dog is HUGE ! Are you sure it's not an Albino Klingon War Dog?

    Oh and if a bit off topic, it's nice to know ya raise 'em right in the North West...



  5. Our great Pyrenees is named Chinook and we absolutely LOVE HER to bits! They're wonderful dogs--incredibly intelligent and loyal. They're great nanny dogs :-) She's a rescue and we got her when she was about 4 so I sadly never got to hold her when she was a cute bundle of fluff...and from the looks of that pic I sure missed out! To SWEET!

    BTW...love the blog. I know you all are busy but that's okay with me. I'm here whenever you have a post :-) Best of luck.