Saturday, September 10, 2011

Raising kids simply

I had an article published in the latest issue of Backwoods Home Magazine called Raising Kids Simply.

I've written for BWH on and off for a number of years, but after The Simplicity Primer was released, they were wildly enthusiastic over the book (bless them) and asked me to write this article on raising kids as a supplement to the generous advertisement they ran. At first I thought the article was a little too over-the-top, but they liked it and I've received more positive input from this article than almost anything else I've written for them (go figure).

At any rate, here's a teaser from the top of the article:
What simplicity is not

First let's examine what simplicity for kids is not.

Simple living is not "green living" or otherwise saving the planet. I've read books on raising "simple" kids which focus solely and exclusively on being green. Bunk. Personally I don't care if you impart these values to your children or not — but please note this constitutes a belief, not a behavior. Beliefs may or may not simplify one's life; but behaviors (which after all are based on choices) will make or break a person.

Simplicity is not giving your kids unlimited freedom to (cough) "express themselves." Naturally I'm not suggesting you stifle their childish impulsive emotions or creativity — far from it. But too many parents think "expressing themselves" means children should be allowed to behave like horrible brats, unrestrained by their parents or other adults. I've often found that parents who want their children to "express themselves" are just too lazy to discipline them... (Read the rest here.)


  1. AMEN!!!! What are parents thinking!!!

  2. Thank you for this wonderfully written article. It is an answer to prayer. I have two young children and have been praying for guidance on how to raise them to be stable, productive and kind adults. Though I love my parents very much, there are things in my upbringing that I do not want to pass on to my children, yet I am having a hard time knowing how to change them. Thankfully, the more I pray the more the Lord shows me through wonderful articles like this. So, thank you. I truly look forward to reading your posts.

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