Friday, September 23, 2011

Technical difficulties -- please stand by

Our internet is mostly down. I say "mostly" because we get occasional 30-second "windows" where we have access before the "timed out" sign comes up and nothing progresses. Or a page will take five or ten minutes to load. Or (more commonly) a page will start to load and then stall endlessly.

It's been this way since Friday morning. At first we thought it was our local ISP provider, but come to find out several neighbors (who have different providers) are also experiencing this problem, so apparently it's a regional issue.

If this blog post goes through, it means I've hit one of those 30-second windows.

Please stand by, I'll have more stuff on the blog whenever the internet gets restored.


  1. Well, you hit one of the 30 second windows. Seems to be not too uncommon lately though. I really have to wonder. For about a month we went through ours going on and off.

  2. I could be the Solar flares causing the problem. They are creating some havoc otherwise.